And so it begins…

And they’re off! I was one of the looneys out there this morning around 5 am trying to catch a couple bargains. As a stay-at-home mom in a one income home, I consider it part of my job description. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t all that impressed this year. Last year I just about cleaned up, especially for the kids. This year, not so much. We’re not into giant Bratz & Cinderella dolls or giant playsets which had great prices. And had I needed anything electronic, that would be a different story too. Glad I didn’t–utter chaos and mayhem. As a matter of fact, I was warned by one shopper as she packed up her car, not to venture into the electronics dept. of the store I was entering. Apparently she heard that Security had been paged. Nice. Fa la la la down on the floor with your hands behind your head. I saw a police van parked out front of a different store. ‘Tis the season to be jolly? Yikes.

I cannot believe that people were out at 8 pm Thanksgiving night to stand in line for the 12 am opening in some places. Or lining up at 2 & 3 am. I’m not THAT diehard. I like to grab some coffee and read through my lists and ads one more time in the parking lot. Then I go in light–no coat, no purse, just the phone, car key, debit card & driver’s license in my pocket. I can move quickly and stealthily–darting down an abandoned storage container or cat litter aisle to the temporary displays set up just for the 5am-11am doorbuster sale. I just think its tons of fun to see people pillaging shelves & loading up carts and seeing the conquests! I talked with one woman who would barely let me by. She was waiting for a salesperson to get something off the top shelf for her “baby” and she didn’t want to lose her place. Its a very goal-driven day. She was good natured about it and I understood completely how she felt. Its an adrenaline rush being able to provide some happiness and gratification for our babies–no matter their age. Especially at a bargain price. I have fun with it all and try to smile as much as possible. I know what I’ve signed up for and I’m fine with it. I made it to 4 stores in 3 towns and 2 counties in 2 1/2 hours. 5 if you include the coffee.

But as I said, I wasn’t very successful this year as far as the haul. I got a couple of the main things I wanted including matching jammies for the kids to wear Christmas Eve. Don’t worry about giving it away; they can’t read. I did however miss out on the 50% off Buzz Lightyear and Tumbletime Tigger. So hey, keep me informed if you see a sale coming. What am I talking about? That’ll be every week for the next 30 days. Already my son, “Mom, is Christmas tomorrow?” And of course I say, “No son, its in 30 days. So if you count to 60 43,200 times, it’ll be Christmas.” And he says, “ok”. Don’t know if he’ll take the challenge. The clock is ticking!!


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