My 2 cents

I’ve been reading and hearing a lot lately about change and transition in churches. Its such a hot button that two blog readers got into a comment fight on someone else’s blog. Wow! So for anyone who’s interested, here is the comment I made about whether churches should make changes either stylistically or in the heart that reflect current culture:

I wonder why we tend to assume that transition in a church is never God’s idea or that its always a sellout? I’ve seen it done well and seen it done/attempted poorly. In my non-leadership role opinion, it would seem that God has a purpose for each church body that careful prayer and consideration will reveal. Because I’ve been witness to it being done poorly years & years ago, I am just starting to grasp this “change/transition” mindset.

From a scriptural standpoint, weren’t the 4 gospels written with a different reader/culture in mind? I think that’s accurate–if someone smarter than me can confirm. They are not identical in content but communicate a different perspective not to appeal, but to resonate with a particular culture. Similarly, in today’s international mission field, it is really important to have a handle on the culture you will be living in and to explain God’s truth in that context. Again, the message isn’t different, just the approach.

I can imagine how scandalous it must have been for the Jews in Jesus’ day to have been under the law for so long and then hear Jesus say that the truth will set you free, not the law. How ’bout THAT for change?!

I have no doubt that some changes going on in churches aren’t always for the right reasons but really, how do you judge something like that? Its a matter of trust in the leadership of the church to follow the Holy Spirit. It is the church leadership that takes on the burden and consequence(or blessing)of their decisions. Thank God that’s not me. I used to spend(waste)too much time second guessing my past church leaders, but boy, I have my own responsibilities that I’m accountable for. I thank God that He hasn’t asked me to be a part of that kind of decision-making or discernment process. I had a good friend tell me a couple years ago that when she was trying to discern where to serve(in a church), her question wasn’t “can I follow this leader or that philosophy” but rather, “where does God want me?” Her advice rang true and has served me well since.


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