The latest on the Nativity

Faith like a child. I was so touched watching my beautiful peaceful children pretending to be Mary, Joseph and the wise man(my 2 1/2 yr old) wearing their blankies over their heads like all the pictures. They eventually decided that JDs teddy bear would be the baby Jesus wrapped up in “cloths”. So Maddie & JD(Mary & Joseph) tenderly lay baby Jesus in a pile of bed pillows so he’ll be comfy. JD begins to narrate: “and then baby Jesus laid down in the manger and mommy came in to visit. And then the wise men came to see him.” (meanwhile, Mary is tenderly kissing the baby’s forehead-but nothing lasts forever) “And then the mean shark came to see him and ate the baby Jesus!” (said while swimming a squeaky rubber shark over to the manger) So I, as the spiritual advisor of the play, said that a shark probably would not eat Jesus. The rewrite: “then the mean shark turned into a nice shark and came to see Jesus to keep him warm” and JD laid the rubber squeaky shark on the baby’s chest to keep him warm. I couldn’t argue with that. More narration rising to a fevered pitch, “then the baby Jesus fell out of the manger and the manger fell over and all the hay fell out!” And I’m thinking to myself, “but little Lord Jesus no crying he makes.”At this point, Annaliese(2 1/2) is lobbying that her stuffed Barney, also wrapped in her blankie, be the new baby Jesus. We had to stop and take naps. Wonder what tomorrow’s version will be.


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