Household tip…

Another helpful tip…
If you ever have an odor you need to track down, find yourself a pregnant woman. Preferably someone you know so you don’t have to pay them. Because, as every pregnant woman knows, they can sniff out a piece of chocolate at a quarter mile. Its a super natural thing that happens in pregnancy–the super nose.


2 responses to this post.

  1. When my wife was pregnant, she claimed she could smell the toilet water from any room in the house. True story. Don’t know why but the nose goes super-nova during pregnancy. Does this mean that you used a pregnant friend to continue the refrigerator smell track down?


  2. No, but I wish I’d had one. Sadly it was just me and the repairman sniffing through the vegetables and fruits and garbage. Yes the pregnant nose is a marvel. I drove Doug crazy because I could smell each individual condiment on his cheeseburger but your toilet water story is much better.


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