Refrigerator update

Repairman came by today. Still me. Not the frig. His first remark? “it smells like a spoiled fruit or vegetable”. Then we proceeded to smell every produce bag and container in the place–even the ones I just threw in the garbage this morning. Now THAT’S a good repairman for you. And its someone we’ve known for awhile. You didn’t think I’d let just anyone smell around my crisper did you? We think it was a furry orange I hadn’t discovered the first time around. He advised me to put the rest in new containers in case the smell permeated the bags. And only charged me $20 for the trip out. Thus ends the saga of the smelly refrigerator!


One response to this post.

  1. $20? Not bad…….

    I wonder what he’d charge to be our regular house keeper? :^)


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