What’s really important…

Ring, ring. “Hello?”
“Are you about home yet?”
“Yes, I just dropped off the present and I’ll be there in about 15 minutes”
“Ok. I think we might have a hurt little boy. We were all wrestling on the bed and Maddie tried to pull JD up with her. I heard a squeal and now he can’t move his arm without screaming.”
“I’ll be right there”

And with that, my Christmas Eve last-minute-to-do-list took a sudden turn. I had a tightly set schedule which would allow me to pick up some things at the grocery store, replace the lost camera memory card, drop off a gift and return home to feed my kids lunch, send my husband off to rehearsal for tonight’s church services, and then get to work. I had to iron the girls’ dresses, wrap the Christmas pajamas for them to open tonight, make homemade cinnamon and dinner rolls and more Christmas cookies–during naptime. After that, there was dinner, baths and dressing for church. What an idiot.

Instead, I found a last minute sitter to watch the girls so I could take JD to the ER while Doug went to rehearsal. I Gingerly put JDs coat on over his pjs and watched Doug try to put him in the car seat without too much screaming(JD, not Doug). Doug got the girls’ lunch and waited for the sitter. I drove to the hospital thinking “I guess we’re not having rolls tomorrow. I wonder if JD could go to church in a cast. No, we don’t have to go to church. He’ll be ok if we just stop moving and stay home.” And it hit me. Who cares about the rolls, the meal for tomorrow, making sure I get to the church service? There are few things sadder yet funnier than screaming at your kids to get moving so we’re not late to GO TO CHURCH AND WORSHIP GOD! I rediscovered what I had been saying for years (as a worship leader) that worshiping God is not just attending a church service and singing music. Its about honoring God by loving those he loves, representing Him well to others. I always forget that some of the “others” are my kids. It must really annoy him to watch families get ready for church while fighting with each other. It IS important to continue to gather together in His name. But sometimes, I think it might be a better choice to treat your family well even if it means being late to the service or not going at all. Plan better and try again later.

JD is fine. He had a stretched ligament over his radius called nursemaid’s elbow. The doctor popped it back in place and after the shock wore off, JD requested he show Dad how his arm was better. So off we went to the rehearsal and JD proudly walked into church, held up his arm, flexing for all to see “how strong I am” and that he was all right.

So, with 2 hours to go until we have to leave the house, the dresses are ironed, the pajamas are wrapped, we have no cookies, no rolls, dirty dishes all over the kitchen, laundry in the washer not drying, and my kids have overslept. I’ll let you know what we ended up doing tonight. With any luck, we’ll get to worship God in new and fabulous ways on his birthday.

Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good (and heavenly peaceful) night!


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