A good night

We had a great Christmas Eve although not unstressed. Kids got up from naps, got baths, got dressed with few challenges. Got to church on time! Our church, Orchard Valley Comm Church had an awesome candlelight service. My kids did a pretty good job sitting in the service especially when they’d like to be up and dancing around the joint. Usually they go to their own class but tonight it was great to have everyone together. So, it turned out well and today was good too. I ended up getting the cookies, rolls, and chili done this morning after breakfast. The kids were so excited about their presents. My youngest, Annaliese(2) unwrapped a shirt box and didn’t realize there was anything inside so she screamed “I got a box!” with joy. We had to tell her to look inside the box to which she did and responded “I got a dress!”. We enjoyed having my dad over and not rushing around to go here or there. Annaliese actually stopped moving long enough to fall asleep on me watching the “Jonah” Veggie Tales movie.

God, I thank you for the life you’ve given me. Its easy to say that on a day where we’ve had it so easy and we see enormous blessing. Please gently remind me of times like this when I want to just give up and complain about how hard I have it. Please bless those who actually do have it hard. Whose relationships are broken or severed, who have nothing to eat nor a place to stay on a cold night. Who have no family or friends they can turn to. Place someone in their lives who can help and love them. Let them see the mercy and compassion of Jesus through our hands and feet. Give us hearts of gratitude and humility. Help us teach our children or those we mentor the same. Let us be as Jesus quoted from Isaiah 61 ones who can dress the wounds of the brokenhearted, comfort the poor, bring encouragement and restoration. Restore the brokenness in my own family and give us amazing stories of healing to tell in the future. Through Jesus, Amen.


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  1. Posted by glandheim on December 26, 2006 at 12:21 pm

    The line that contained “who have nothing to eat nor a place to stay on a cold night” really bothered me. Not because of you, but because we, as a society, have failed an entire class of human beings. Beginning with my own country, we have too many American citizens who are homeless. A lot are disabled or mentally ill or just unfit for one reason or another.

    That was a good link. It’s so hard to know whether money donated will actually go to people who need it.


  2. My 5 year old nephew asked if I got him a “shirt gift” for christmas because he doesn’t like “shirt gifts.” (I told him he probably won’t like what I got him, then) SOOOO… Annaliese’s comment “I got a box” seemed especially sweet!!! That would be a great one to get on film!


  3. Posted by glandheim on December 27, 2006 at 11:16 am

    I should add that I enjoy your posts about your family life. I was a life-long bachelor. My stepsons were grown when I married. I’ve never had a family of my own. While a lot of people (such as my brother) envied my free-wheeling lifestyle, just picking up and going wherever i wanted, whenever I wanted, I have really missed out by not having the experience of raising a family.

    Joy to you all, in good times and bad.


  4. checking out your site
    God bless and protect you
    Maria in the UK


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