Checking in

Hey everyone! I’ve received such nice comments and encouragement from you and I didn’t want anyone to feel ignored(see “insecurity” in About post) so I thought I’d just check in. I’m out of town visiting Doug’s family in rural America with a glitchy computer so we’ll see how far I get. We’re having a nice time and my in-laws really are fabulous to visit–especially giving us a kid break. Sorry to all the cynics. I like my in-laws!

Really not much to say but thanks to the new readers who are checking out this site. If you haven’t let me know who you are, please do. Its exciting to meet people from around the world. I promise to be much more interesting after vacation and my son’s New Year’s Eve birthday. Maybe I’ll do something about resolutions. I hate them and I never make them because I’m sure I’ll fail and don’t want to deal with the guilt for the remaining 11 months of the year!!! There’s got to be a therapy session in there somewhere. Be safe everybody!


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  1. Have a blessed New Year’s Eve
    Maria in the UK


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