Day 1

Well, I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t join the rest of the world in some sort of reflection at the calendar crossroad.

I have NEVER been excited about January. Maybe its my conditioning from formerly working in an investment firm. In January, everything starts over at zero. Just when I feel that I’m getting somewhere, the year is over and we have to reset. Also, I have had a few tiring years.

But this year, I’m excited and I can’t put my figure on why. Our family had an awesome year in 2006. I got the opportunity to lead worship with an all chick band at a women’s retreat which totally rocked! My marriage grew stronger, our kids just grew, my husband took some pretty scary steps and thrived. Which made the rest of us thrive. We stepped out in a couple risky areas and saw God’s provision and confirmation in it. We had a really brave year. Usually we try to stay pretty safe which sometimes translates into paralyzed. We have a new church community which is awesome. We do mourn the community we left but are excited to hear what God is doing over there. Great things are happening and I’m going to try and enjoy it while it lasts instead of waiting for some disaster to ruin it all(my usual depressed m.o.).

My personal goal in 2006 was to put effort into my friendships and to be more intentional about building into others. I tried pretty hard but still less than perfect. Doug & I (at Doug’s prompting) have committed to making 2007 the year we get healthy. Worshiping God through the good management of our bodies has been the bane of my existence for years. Hopefully, if I can keep my eyes on the goal of being faithful with the gifts He’s given, then I can see more results. Too cryptic? I want to lose weight so I can feel better, look better and serve better. And being the frugal mom, smaller clothes are cheaper!!!

So that’s the deal.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds great.


  2. Love your heart and honesty!

    You did build into others at The Orchard in ’06! You’ve built into me and to so many of our children through worship. Thank you!


  3. First time I have stopped by the blog. I like what you have to say about community! We too are in a community which we totally love. We had some friends move this year, which was tough, but we still see Gods hand on our lives. Congratulations on stepping out on faith and trusting God to provide. What an awesome testimony to his faithfulness. God bless.


  4. Posted by Kyle on January 5, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    Cool thoughts and aspirations. Love your current reading too…



  5. I have some neighbors that go to Orchard Valley, they love it, and from reading Scott Hodge’s blog, it sounds like God is doing some great things through his servants there. Glad I found your site. I like what I’ve read.

    It is always cool to step out in our faith to follow Christ. I love to hear stories about how God is strengthening families. Each day is our battle to walk in the spririt!


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