My New Favorite Word

Benign. Its small its concise and it packs a lot of meaning into its 6 letters. That little word holds in it relief, a return to life “as normal”, moving on, peace, celebration.

I hadn’t really wanted to blog about this til I had more information. Had my first mammogram this year because I turned 40 and it was the thing to do. Got a call that they needed a follow up to get better pictures. I just figured the radiologist had a fettish(sp?). Anyway, they did find some very small calcifications which I understand are about 80-90% of the time harmless. They did a surgical biopsy over the weekend and I’ve been waiting for the pathology report. Got it today and it came back benign. I will say that the doctors and nurses that dealt with me were amazing. They were professional and very sensitive about the “womanness” of the situation. I was surprised at how big an impact this had on me from a woman’s perspective. I was fairly confident that the tests would come back ok but I still felt a little violated at the idea of surgery-however minor- on my breast.

My heart breaks for the 10-20% who didn’t hear that word. I hope those women have as incredible a support system as I do surrounding me with prayer and offers of help. I did get a lot of information and peace of mind from the Susan G. Komen website. As things come to me, maybe I can share more. Right now I’m thankful.


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  1. BENIGN is SUCH a great word. My step-mom wasn’t so lucky three years ago. She didn’t hear your favorite word. But, thank God, after treatment, she is now cancer free!

    It’s a BLESSING that you don’t have to go through treatment…that you are free and clear…BENIGN! WOW! I am so happy for you!


  2. Posted by penseroso on January 16, 2007 at 10:22 pm

    “Benign” is awesome! I’m thankful too. 🙂


  3. Benign is good.

    Fetish is spelled with one t. 🙂

    Just call me Webster and don’t call me Merriam.

    God is good…


  4. in the context of relief this word is a blessing


  5. Benign. God is a healer, a deliverer.


  6. Glad to hear everything turned out okay.


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  8. Benign is indeed a great word as a woman I can understand it ,I am so happy for you.Still make sure you have mammograms done every couple of years so that you keep hearing the word.Every woman who is 40 or above should get it done.


  9. Hi Joni:
    Like everyone else here, I’m glad of your results. We don’t realize who pernicious the disease is until it gets existential. There is a big campaign in France right now about Cancer awareness that I think is marvelous. The title is (roughly translated) “Millions of ordinary heroes.” Each poster at a bus stop or tram stop has a picture of someone who survived a form of Cancer. They are all different! Makes you stop and think.

    Regardless, God’ grace is still sufficient for whatever. I can live with that.

    howard diehl (grenoble, france)


  10. Great news! Those mammograms are so much fun aren’t they!? Been having them every year for 20 years (no, I’m not that old–family history)….plea to all women to GO!!!


  11. I went, and thank God. I had a family history like Rindy. Had those tell-tale calcifications but my news wasn’t so good. Still, it’s been seven and a half years, and I’m free and healthy. I’m glad you got good news, hope it will always be so.


  12. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’m glad though that you are healthy now and hope it will remain so for you as well.


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