Caribou vs Starbucks(revised, slightly)

I know this is suicidal putting it in writing, but I like Caribou’s coffee better than Starbucks. However, taste isn’t everything. So I’m sitting in a Caribou Coffee shop far from my home, sipping my white chocolate mocha and trying to catch up on about 6 months of missed “daily bible readings”. Out of the corner of my eye an individual, we’ll call “Pat” so as not to identify gender or real name, is standing a little close to my table while waiting for his/her order. Being a good Christian, especially by reading my bible in public, I ignored Pat in order not to be disturbed at being a good Christian. Pat was doing some mumbling and fidgeting, arranging, rearranging and placing all the condiments in order. Then I hear it. The tell tale sign that someone has relieved their gas in your general direction. More than once. Pft, pft. About 18 inches from my head. By the grace of God, I did not fall on the floor laughing. Not at Pat, I’m sure it wasn’t intentional but I’ve never been pft’d on in public by a stranger before! Pat never did actually approach me to talk but got his/her order and went on their way. I’m sure Pat’s release was out of their control. Seemed like a nice enough person. But is better coffee worth getting pft’d on? Maybe its just me.


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  1. pft on!!!!!! LOL

    My students are looking at me funny.

    THAT’s funny!!


  2. Hillarious!

    That wouldn’t have happened at Starbucks! 🙂


  3. When did you start drinking coffee???

    And I like Caribou better than Starbucks, too…

    That is too funny!!!


  4. Replying to Mike Jones:

    You just wouldn’t have smelled it at Starbucks… That “fresh coffee” smell would have overpowered it. It’s kind of like dimming the lights in a restaurant so the customers can’t see what they’re eating.


  5. It’s really in question as to whether “white chocolate mocha” is actually coffee.

    Some consider it Hot chocolate with extra caffeine.


  6. LOL! no, nothing is worth getting ‘pftd” on!


  7. I can’t stopp giggling long enough to write!

    Is it worth it…. for a good laugh, Sure!


  8. Finally someone is raising these deep and meaningful topics.

    I have a coworker who pft’s on people regularly, for fun, but I guess that’s what will happen in such a male-dominated workplace.


  9. Posted by julieblack on January 29, 2007 at 10:35 pm

    Oh my goodness! That is so hilarious! I think I would have just fallen out of my chair 🙂 Thanks for the laugh and the comments on my site today. Look forward to reading more of your blogs!


  10. oh……


  11. Posted by al h. on September 26, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    LOL!!!! Sounds like the name of a new rock band: “Pft’d On In Public”.


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