The Things We Do To Women

This was a line from “The West Wing” tv show a couple years ago when the story line centered around the president covering up his Multiple Sclerosis condition. The first lady, a doctor, aided the cover up and the president made the remark “the things we do to women” while watching his wife being chastised at a senate hearing.

I thought of this the other day standing in a checkout line in the grocery store. I can’t help but look over the tabloid and even “legit” magazine headlines and pictures of our fallen hottie celebs. Unflattering pictures of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, even Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie. The list goes on. They were set up as icons and goddesses. Sexy, bold, talented(depending on the celeb and your opinion) yet the millisecond a weakness emerges, the hounds are at the door-or peeking through the window. The things we do to women.

In that moment, I felt pain for these women who live their lives and every mistake in public, being stalked to some extent by people waiting for and maybe even setting up the offense–for their own pleasure. Somehow we seem to feel better when someone who has it all fails miserably. The things we do to women.

What prompted all this? My pastor, Scott Hodge and the Orchard’s video guru Dan Anderson, took a trip to Thailand this month in part to encourage friends Jim & Judy Larson. The Larson’s minister to women in the sex trade through The Well. My heart broke at the idea of women living out their lives in this way. Its not just in Thailand obviously, its everywhere. Jesus heart breaks too.

Contrary to the times in which he arrived, Jesus elevated women. He could have come all grown up, blasting on the scene as King of the world. God chose a woman to participate in his humble arrival. He honored his mother when he could have challenged her publicly. He could have called out the promiscuous women he met shouting to all that no one should be sinners awful as they. Jesus showed compassion and mercy to a woman caught(perhaps even set up?)in the act of aiding an adulterer in his sin and told those who “caught” her to pay attention to their own issues. He called the strict teachers at the time a brood of vipers. (The Message paraphrase refers to them as frauds) Yet he calls a religiously outcast woman “daughter” and makes her body whole again. Do you think she ever heard that from her leaders? It is recorded after his death, that the first to see the risen Jesus was…yep…a woman. How cool must that have been at the time. While His followers were hiding, the women came to see that his body was properly embalmed. I suppose its true that “if you seek me you will find me if you seek me with all your heart”.

I’m surprising myself through this post because after adding every link, I have to stop and sob at the unbelievable love of Jesus. I don’t get it. I can’t get my head around it. And this isn’t a men vs women thing. I could site just as many places where Jesus lifted the dignity of men. But as a woman, seeing what less fortunate hottie celeb women are going through, seeing what modern day women are going through entrapped in a life of degradation, I am stunned by Jesus. The things He does for women.


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  1. This was great – and for some reason it just now connected Scott Hodge is your pastor.


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