What Would We Talk About?

I just got inspired by a fellow blogger, I Love Life… who wrote a post about the evolution debate. As expected, a variety of comments ensued with dissertations by one and all. The author stated that there are so many unanswered questions.

I got to thinking, what would we all possibly talk about if we 1)had all the answers 2)agreed with all of them? Just think of the conversations you’d have. About 30 seconds long. No mind exercise. No research. No note cards, flip charts or cool presentations on Mac products(remember the premise–we have all the answers). Can you just imagine?

Man: Hey, they found out who shot JFK.
Man 2: Yes they did.
Man: Excellent.
Man 2: Yeah, excellent.
(cricket, cricket)
Man: Alrighty then. Bye bye.
Man 2: yes indeed, goodbye.

Gag. Debate is half the “fun”. It’d be nice if our debates could be kept to civilized banter and discovery. Not always and it can get ugly. All else being equal, I’d rather we have opinions we get to formulate on our own than starting off knowing it all. It’d be an awfully quiet and lonely place around here.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Cute post lol. Makes sense. Definitely 1 good reason why we shouldn’t know everything 🙂


  2. Thanks for mentioning my post.I agree debate makes life interesting.Jainism is one of the many religions practiced in India.One of the main principles in Jainism is “Anekantwad”which means truth can be described in more than one ways.They quote the story of 4 blind men.They all feel the elephant in order to describe what it looks like.First one feels the trunk and says it is like a rope, the second one touches the legs and says it is like a pillar , the third one touches the belly and says it is like a wall and the fourth one touches the ears and says it is like a fan. All of them were right but because of their lack of vision they could not see the whole truth and start fighting.This is truth about all the people fighting about different religions.We dont apreciate the whole truth because of limited vision.


  3. Love your blog! I’ve blogrolled you.

    Perspective and vision are so important. Thanks for making me think!


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