Valentine’s Shmalentine’s

The first year of our marriage, we had less than zero money. Kind of like now. Since our anniversary is Feb 17, we agreed we weren’t going to do anything for Valentine’s Day because it was so expensive and our anniversary was more important to commemorate. Again, needing to be frugal(cheap), I suggested we wait until after the 14th when all the Valentine’s stuff is on clearance and that’s when we could get our celebratory anniversary gear. Doug was so proud as he walked in from the grocery store with a sleeve of flowers, a small round cake, and a bottle of champagne exclaiming, “I only paid 10 bucks!”. It was the first of our anniversary traditions. Since we ate our wedding cake top tier within a week of our wedding day, we decided we’d get a leftover valentine cake on our anniversary.

When I was working, I did love having flowers sent to the office. And for our tenth anniversary last year we splurged and had an overnight in an outoor balcony hot tub suite. Did I mention our anniversary is in February? Yeah. Coldest weekend of the year. -10F wind chill and we’re in a hot tub on a screened in balcony facing Northeast on the fifth floor. Nice. We splurged on 3 dozen roses and expensive champagne ($35!). We had some fabulous friends offer to pick up our kids(they live about an hour away), take them to Chuck E. Cheese on a Friday night, and sleep over at their house–spending all next day with them as well. For free.

So this year, again, we will forego Valentine’s Day and watch someone else’s kids. My brother-in-law and his girlfriend generously offered to watch our kids for our anniversary date-dinner AND a movie. Woo hoo. We usually can’t afford the extra 2 babysitter hours for the movie so this is a treat! We have Christmas gift cards from Doug’s students paying for dinner and the movie. So really all we have to find is the cake, flowers and champagne.

So in 11 years, you could say we’ve come full circle. We’re still not spending much more than $10–adjusting slightly for inflation and some non-reproducing devices.

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  1. Posted by Penseroso on February 13, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    Huh? You mean it’s Valentine’s Day? God, I keep forgetting! I wonder if I can run out and get a card at this time of night? Do you think 7-11 might have a good selection?


  2. Your wife(at least in the photographs)appears to be an understanding woman. She may forgive you, but I think its gonna cost you. And don’t even get me started about Sigmund and Otto.


  3. I have really enjoyed the post.Scarcity of money cannot dampen the Valentine day spirit.You always remember tender moments like this,when you were there for each other to share your feelings.Romance is in the heart not in the purse.I live in a developing country like India and I have seen people enjoying festivals with in their limited resourses much more than wealthy people.Money is important but love is the most important gift of God.In the pursuit of worldly goods people have actually forgotten what love is.My maid used to buy me a birthday gift out of her limited resources and that used to be really precious to me.I wish you all the happiness in life.


  4. Yeah, the people who market Valentines Day don’t really take into consideration that most people can’t afford diamonds, dinner and decadence on Valentines day!

    Happy (almost) anniversary to you and your hubby!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ll be coming back to yours! 🙂


  5. Ted and I don’t really get into Valentine’s day. I just love getting a hand written note or card from him. We will try to go out another night when we don’t have to fight the crowds!

    You guys were smart to eat your wedding cake top the week after your wedding. Ted and I waited for our first anniversary and it was nasty. Freezer burnt!!! We had to throw that once-delicious cake into the garbage.

    Happy 11th Anniversary! Enjoy your date night!


  6. Great idea!!! I am sitting in a hotel one state away from my wife as I type this on Valentines day. I think I’ll be picking up some clearance stuff on the way home too.


  7. We go the low budget route here, too. Heart-shaped pizza that we all help with (even the 3 year old…just picture the flour). We end with Hershey bar fondue. It’s an decently affordable meal, with the exception of strawberries, which everyone doubles the price on for V-day. One small pack was all I could manage to afford.

    Your hubby left a comment on my site about what wonderful things you do with pasta and leftovers, too. Now that’s love. 🙂


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