It’s for you!

After a few days of politics and philosophy, I’ve been thrust back into my own reality. The phone rings, a high little voice asks for Maddie. Its a girlfriend from her class. I let Maddie know her friend is asking for her on the phone. Maddie’s response, “I’ll talk to her after the show is over.” I suppose I’ll take a message for my 5 year old. And then teach her to value relationships over tv. I hadn’t planned on this for a couple more years. Please someone tell me I don’t have to get her a phone.


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  1. though on the other hand, tv seems to be much more trustworthy and effective. it’s as sad as that


  2. I don’t think a phone is needful at this point, but not to far in the future. LOL Just start getting ready for it.
    Blessings to you!


  3. you reminded me of my 5 year old. She said she won’t go to a friend’s house because she wanted a lazy weekend.You don’t have to tell them everything, most things they learn by observing their parents.


  4. We’re not getting her a phone……..


  5. Actually, I don’t blame her for insisting on taking a message – it won’t be long before she’ll be bombarded with phone calls and will wish for the days when she was too young to be blamed for wanting a little peace 🙂


  6. my kids have all their own phones…but we don’t have a landline. it IS nice not having to answer for them (’cause it would never be for me anyway!) And yes, I do keep track of their calls!! (don’t tell them though!!) 😉


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