Wise beyond his years

I was telling Maddie not to do something at the table today and JD asked me “Mom, is that silly or is that bad?”. Wow. He basically asked if what Maddie was doing was childish or disobedient. I then had to explain that it wasn’t a bad thing but that it could turn into a real mess etc.

I’m reading a book with my mom’s group by Julie Ann Barnhill called “Motherhood, The Guilt that Keeps On Giving”. She challenges us in one place to consider whether a behavior we are observing in our kids is childish or willful disobedience. And to discipline/correct accordingly to avoid going overboard and feeling guilty about it later. JD just reminded me of that today. My kids rock.


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  1. You DO have a wise young man at your table!
    Are you sure his middle name isn’t Solomon? 😀



  2. Well, there’s wise and then there’s wise. This is the same child who recently was caught trying to drink water out of the toilet like the dog. The boy is a paradox.


  3. Posted by glandheim on March 10, 2007 at 12:36 am

    “Motherhood: The Guilt That Keeps On Giving.” The title alone is worth the price of admission.

    It can be interpreted two ways. I’ve met more than one person who was messed up for life by the gift of guild their mother’s gave them.

    I followed your links to the author and the book at Amzaon.com. It looks good. Too many books, too little time.


  4. Wow, what a great question for a 4 year old!!! (And I love the “paradox” … LOL)


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