Being A Better Mom

I’m headed to the Hearts at Home mom’s conference in Bloomington/Normal, IL this weekend–woo hoo!!!! Anyone else headed there? I told the kids today to prep them for my departure tomorrow afternoon. I told them I was going with my friends to learn how to be a better mom. Maddie asked if we would all play games together and try to win. I explained I wasn’t trying to be a better mom than the other moms, but wanted to learn how to be a good mom at home. Still not sinking in, I decided to ask them “what could mommy do that would make you feel good?” Ready? And I quote…

Maddie(5 1/2): lots of hugs and kisses (this from the girl who went on a kissing strike for a month at bedtime-hugs only please); you need to play with me by setting up the tea cups

JD(4): say I love you very much and play nicely with us(yes, he said nicely); get a ladder and help me in and out of the tree

Annaliese(2 1/2): take a nap and wake up; I want to sleep with you

These were the first things out of their mouths, the gut reaction. After thinking about it, they added the inane things such as teaching them how to swim like the diver on Finding Nemo, letting them play on the computer, watching them climb trees and swing down using the dog leash.

I hadn’t expected such deep answers. They didn’t say anything about dusting the tv screen, mopping the floor or doing dishes. I suppose I’ll go to my mom’s conference and learn how to give hugs and kisses, say I love you very much, play nicely and take naps. Not a bad weekend really.


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  1. Posted by Dan on March 16, 2007 at 6:40 am

    Hmmmm, I think I see some love languages forming here: quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch. It’s interesting to see how quickly they develop.


  2. That’s great…I have the biggest smile on my face thinking about a child saying those types of things to their mom or dad. It seems that is in all of our hearts. We want to know we’re loved. I look forward to hearing about the weekend.


  3. Not a bad weekend at all!

    And I loved the comment about you “winning” – too funny!

    Have lots of fun!


  4. Update: JD realized I am leaving shortly for the conference. His request? “I don’t want you to go. I want you to be a bad mom”. He started laughing as he said it. Even HE couldn’t make the joke. Maddie told him “noooo, she has to learn how to love us”.


  5. I love it–sounds like a fun weekend! Can’t wait to hear all you learn! Although I think at one point I told my kids they were better off when I made mistakes so they could learn from them too 😉


  6. joni’s gone? I’ve been so busy, studying proverbs 31….

    Miss you babe!! Drive home safely!!!


  7. Allrighty then, Joni, I’m already planning on nominating you for mom of the year anyway! I was visiting your site today to read and get inspiration, as usual, and to tell you that I keep using some of your same advice over and over in my posts and that it has been very helpful to me lately. I get here and find that you’ve gone to learn how to be even better? Please, please don’t raise the bar too high 🙂

    I love your kids’ names, too, by the way, and I suppose I should give your hubby some credit for that also.

    I hope your conference is great and you’ll share some of your new knowledge wtih those of us here in the trenches together!

    My post using your advice (again) is:

    Thanks for everything!


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