Hearts At Home debrief

So, I’m back from the Hearts At Home conference this weekend. There were 2 days of identical conferences, one Friday and one Saturday with almost 6,000 moms attending over the 2 days. That’s a LOT of estrogen in one auditorium. There is so much to share I’ll do this a little at a time to avoid freaking myself out at the computer.

I drove down Friday night, attended Saturday and was home for lunch today. Boy did I miss my family. And even though I had the most comfortable bed in the world and slept diagonally with four down pillows all to myself, its still unsettling not to have Doug with me. Get this–he did laundry, went shopping, made meals, sang at church having to bring our 3 kids early without calling me. Ok except to locate the plug-in for our portable DVD player which I had removed from the case. I am fortunate to have that kind of support and peace of mind when I need to pursue continuing education in momness. Thanks Doug!

I had registered to attend the Friday night “Mom’s Night Out”. Music, comedy, worship with the girls–couple thousand of them–general mayhem and cutting loose. Instead, I hooked up with my dear friend who lives near the conference whom I have not seen since my wedding over 11 years ago. And who does not look a day older since then. Grr. We only live 2 hours from each other so you’d think we’d meet more often. Yeah, well, between us we have 13 kids and only 3 are mine! She’s busy. She was the first person outside of my family to introduce me to the gospel. 26 years ago. We met in high school and having similar last names, sat next to each other in all our classes. We keep in touch with email and the phone but it was SO good to reconnect and talk face to face. It wasn’t awkward, we didn’t lack anything to talk about. We picked up where we left off. Do you have a friend like that? Someone you don’t have to explain the background of your stories to because they already know them or were there? I love her. So we closed up the sandwich shop we ate in and went back to the hotel to talk more. We forced ourselves to stop because we were falling asleep in the lobby and she still had a 25 min. drive home. Great time. Not enough time. I trudged back up to my room, quietly got into the aforementioned awesome bed and that was it for the night.

And then Saturday, I got to know some new friends and myself a little better. More on that later. Better get some sleep.


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  1. Posted by Kristen Jones on March 20, 2007 at 9:50 am

    I have several great friends like that as well. We don’t see each other much but when you do it is like you haven’t been apart. Someone who knows you through the good the bad the ugly.
    I have never been to the conference but heard great things. I am looking forward to reading what you came away with.


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