Hearts At Home-Makeover II

8002.jpgThat’s Jill Savage, not me.

And now on to the opening session with Jill Savage, mom, author, speaker and founder of Hearts At Home. The conference theme was Extreme Home Makeover. The idea that perhaps its not always the structure of the house that needs the makeover, but the heart of the home inside. A couple things to ponder:

  • If our heart is in the right place, the home will be what it needs to be
  • Effective parenting is not forcing changes on your children but allowing God to make changes in you.(ouch)
  • There are 4 basic areas we can assess to see if we need a mini makeover or an extreme makeover. They are…

      Emotional Makeover
  • What fills your tank?
  • How aware are you of your heart’s cry?
  • Put yourself on your own radar and tune in to what you need
  • Communicate your needs using actual words. No one can read your mind.
    • Spiritual Makeover

    Jill relates a story of running out of patience with her kids and finally stops giving them a gentle reply saying, “I’m all out of nice!”. She realized she hadn’t asked God for more “nice” to give to her family.

  • When we run out of our own strength, we must ask God for more.
  • God takes our face in his hands and says, “look at me, I am the one who handles this, look at me”
    • Marriage Makeover
  • Our children need our marriage put in first place.
  • It is the priority relationship in the family.
    • Home Makeover
  • Relates to how we live in our home; what we think of our home
  • Is home a safe place for our families to be themselves?
  • Does it reflect what you want your children to learn?
  • Home is the only place kids will learn about true relationships, communication, how to live with each other
  • We have a limited amount of time with them
  • So, did something tug at you? Was there any one area that screamed out at you “extreme makeover! extreme makeover!” There are a gazillion resources out there to assist in any one of those areas. I’d be interested to hear of your recommendations.

    Now I tend to take notes based on what strikes me instead of writing down every point. If you want to hear any of the conference sessions, you can order them here. BTW, I have no affiliation with the Hearts At Home organization. This is just where I know to send you for more info.


    One response to this post.

    1. Sounds like you had a great time.

      Two points resonate with me:

      1. Home is the only place kids will learn about true relationships, communication, how to live with each other.
      2. We have a limited amount of time with them.

      In the front of my bible my mom wrote, “Proverbs says to train a child in the way he should go & he will never depart from it. I hope the way I have trained you as a child is the correct path.” She had! It is now my job to do the same! Thanks for this great reminder!


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