Top Five Meme

Lovingly stolen from Mamadoggylove:

“I can’t remember where I found this meme, but it’s one of the “Five For Friday” ones… You have to list what your top five _____ are:”

Here are my top fives…What are yours?

1. … pet peeves?

When a driver does not return to the right lane after passing on the left
Research studies about dumb things or that conclude what everyone else already knew
Getting the order wrong at the drive thru
When parents let their little kids run around a store bumping into people(its usually mine)
Taking up 2 parking spaces

2. … wishes and dreams?

Own a vacation home big enough for my family & our friends’ families
Write professionally
Encourage moms and marriages
To stop making mindless mistakes
To have lots of money or resources to give away when I hear of a need

3. … significant life lessons?

Its ok that its not perfect
I’m not in charge of everyone
Reserve judgement–there is always one piece of missing information that could change your entire perspective.
Assume the best in someone
Flexible is good

4. … most cherished possessions?

The first card my Dad wrote to me that said “I love you”
My mom’s letter to me before she died
Wedding & engagement rings
Pictures of my family
My Kitchen Aid 450-watt mixer

5. … favorite junk food?

Fried zucchini with ranch dip
Moose tracks ice cream
My homemade chocolate fudge
Stuffed pizza
Burger King sausage, egg & cheese croissan’wich-(seriously, one every day of my 1st pregnancy)


One response to this post.

  1. Love your answers!

    Did you ever see Lethal Weapon 2, when Joe Pesci’s character says, “They always f*** you at the drive-thru!”?? It’s so true!


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