Ham revelation

I like a good bargain on ham. We have sales now and then for ham and I buy them. I know that years ago they listed that the ham is “water added” or injected with 10% “of a solution”. And I didn’t care because it was .99 a pound. OK, so yesterday I’m looking for a ham for Easter. They’re on sale everywhere. Note on the label says, “23% of the weight is added ingredients”. 23% of the weight?! Good grief that’s almost a quarter of the dumb thing–not taking into account the bone! Now you frugally-type people will appreciate this. I decided to find out what I’m actually paying for the ham itself without all the extra stuff. $1.43. I’m paying $1.43 per lb. for my $.99/lb ham which is a hidden markup of 44%. I am now in search of real ham for $1.43/lb. I’ll let you know if it exists. And by the way, if you buy split bone-in chicken breast for .99/lb, you may as well pay $1.99 for the sale on boneless, skinless since you will throw away 1/2 the weight of the split in bone, fat and other junk. I’m just going to stop there.

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  1. I am with you – i’m very much looking forward to some Easter ham!! That is, if my mom invites us over, ha.


  2. Have you priced a pig? A little smelly, but loads of fun for the kids. That is until butcher day. But no bothersome fillers and additives. Plus, it will probably turn your kids into vegaterians.

    I’m thinking pork chops or lamb chops for Easter this year.

    Mmmmm… lamb chops!


  3. I always forget about buying a pig. I should look into that. We have the freezer. As for a live thing-boy, there’s all this zoning and ordinance stuff to deal with. And if JD can’t handle sharks eating fish with faces, he’s not going to let me butcher a pet. I don’t think my neighbors would mind if I promised them a hog roast for Memorial Day. Hmm.


  4. I’m so ashamed. I bought the cheap ham. I didn’t want to. I tried not to. I looked at every ham in the store. I couldn’t bring myself to spend $26 on a 100% ham so I settled for 77% of ham that only cost me $9.


  5. Posted by Kristen Jones on April 4, 2007 at 11:31 am

    I do the same thing with turkey at Thanksgiving. Every year, since it is just us for thanksgiving, I think,” I will just buy the bonless one and skip the whole dark meat thing since no one eats it. ” Then I get to the store and the price of the whole turkey is so much cheaper I end up spending an hour trying to calculate the positive and negative of whether I should get the whole turkey or just the breast which is all we will eat, but more expensive. Then I buy the turkey with the bones and dark meat, that we don’t eat, and end up throwing away half the cheaper turkey …..


  6. Hey! I’m not proud. I’ll eat dark meat…

    Dying for fried chicken and having struck out at the Jewel, I went to KFC last night around 10 pm fully intending to buy a 10-piece drum and thigh bucket for $7.99. When I got to the drive-thru speaker, the voice at the other end says to me, “baby, I got 10 pieces for $4.99. I will hook you up with both original and extra crispy. You want one or two orders?” Now I have two buckets of KFC’s finest in my fridge. Whew… I know a bargain when I see one…


  7. I guess I just like a good bargain on food…


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