Closet purger

No, I’m not revealing an eating disorder. I cleaned out my closet and sock drawer last night and it turned into a frenzy. For years I have been staring at things that I don’t need to keep. Stylistically, size, age, etc. But what drove me last night was the memories attached to these things. And every time I look at them, I flash back and get ticked off. I know I shouldn’t let that get to me. For cryin’ out loud its just a shirt, right? I kept it around thinking I’d need it again someday. Its beautiful. No need to get rid of it. Except for the vibe. Don’t know if vibes are biblical but that’s my word for it.

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I knew I would never wear these things again although from a frugal standpoint, I could have. I bagged them all up and I’m giving them away. I would have preferred to burn them and dance around them til they lost all their power but chose to donate some perfectly nice clothing. Much of it only worn once. Its AMAZING how free I felt. Then I went to the socks. Same thing but without the painful memories. The socks had no vibe. I have socks that are twice as old as my children! They’re gone. I tossed them. No need to donate old socks.

So pack rats and guilt-ridden people everywhere–shed your crap! Even the good stuff. If its messing up your head, give it to someone who’ll use it correctly or throw it away and kill it. Free at last.

…and now for the rest of the house…


4 responses to this post.

  1. even rats don’t like handoffs


  2. Oh, I so hear you! I just finished cleaning out my girls’ closets and drawers (the bi-annual clothing purge/season swap) and it felt so good to get it done. I’m going to tackle our room next. And our basement….well, let’s just say I’ve threatened to get a dump truck and start hauling it away. 🙂


  3. I love how cleansing it is to get rid of some clothes – and memories attached to the clothes – that you’ve held on to for too long!

    Good for you… I can tell how refreshed you feel!

    I need to do a big house cleaning very soon… Spring cleaning, if you will. Bring on the trash bags – I’m throwing the useless stuff out!


  4. I started on my den yesterday…emptying the whole darn thing! Don’t think I really need those college books that treatment plans are probably outdated in anyway…that’s what the internet is for!! 😉 Nineteen years in my house..yup, you can imagine the stuff I’m gonna find as I move room to room!!! Ahhhhh…..yup, refreshing!


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