Here kitty, kitty.

“Annaliese, be gentle with Goofy. He’s an old cat”
“OK. Aww poor Goofy”
Maddie from the other room “then we need a new cat!”

Things are getting worse in Goofy’s world. We take him for blood tests tomorrow morning to see what’s up. Meanwhile, he lies on the bathroom floor with his head resting on the water bowl. No need to move. At least our old blind friend knows where to find it! Annaliese serves him tea from her toy teapot and talks to him about going to the doctor. She prays for him every night before bed. We know he won’t be with us forever but how do we talk to the kids? They’ll probably be fine. Its mom and dad who’ll have the problem.

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  1. Posted by Kristen Jones on April 6, 2007 at 9:56 am

    Joni, I am so sorry. This is never an easy subject. Since we have had a couple of boxers in our house and unfortunately their life span doesn’t seem to be the longest, we have had to deal with this a couple of times. And from my experience it is much worse on me then the kids. Their biggest concern is where do they go when they pass. And since I don’t know and God doesn’t really tell us much about the animals after life we always just let them know that God loves and cares for everything he creates so I am sure that He has prepared a place for them. I will pray for poor Goofy and for the kids, and you and Doug.


  2. Kristen said it well, I think. It’s hard to lose a pet. I’ve lost my fair share. I have 2 cats now that are getting up in years. Fortunately for the kids, they live in our garage, so they don’t really have the bond they would otherwise. I had them in our house though since they were both kittens, especially my older one…he was my baby before my babies were born. I’ll miss them terribly when they go.


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