Goofy’s future

Many have asked what we decided to do for Goofy. Having researched feline diabetes and talked to the vet, we have decided to let the diabetes run its course and take care of Goofy best we can until it becomes apparent that he is suffering.

The treatment is expensive and very regimented. Sadly, we can handle neither at this time for which I feel enormously guilty while recognizing our economic reality. Fortunately, he contracted the disease at the end of his life and not when he was younger(he’s 14). We’ll enjoy him while we have him.

Some of you know that my family has a severe history of diabetes. My mother and my sister both passed away from complications of their diabetes. So far, none of the 17 kids in this next generation have been diagnosed. I have friends who have prayed for this disease to be obliterated from our family line. I find it ironic that the one who contracted it–is the cat. Much like the demons asking Jesus permission to be sent into a herd of pigs, I am imagining the diabetes asking permission to be sent into the cat. Those of you not familiar with that story won’t find it as amusing as I do. So essentially, Goofy takes one for the team!


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  1. I’m sorry for your cat. I’ve got 2 cats that I love. They have been restricted to their own back room in our big garage while the kids are little. One of them started pooping on my bed and in the floor when the baby was crawling, so I couldn’t handle that. I have had them both since they were kittens though, and I will miss them terribly when they die. I’ve always been a big cat lover. I even collect cat stuff. So, I feel for ya. Hope no one else is affected by diabetes too. Sorry for your losses.


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