Just My Imagination

One of the zillion things I love about my kids is their amazing imaginations. They come up with these adventure scenarios and include every toy and object they can. Many times based on stories or tv shows.

For example, our SUV is called “truck” and it is their rocket. So when we’re driving down the street, its not unusual for them to yell “faster, faster, the crocodile is going to get us”. At home, they pretend to be baby dinosaurs inside eggs(hiding under a piece of furniture)and then they “get born”. Poor Annaliese(the youngest at 2 1/2) seems always to be relegated to villain–either Swiper the fox (from Dora the Explorer) or the big bad wolf from “The Wonder Pets save the 3 Little Pigs”. Its pretty funny to see her swagger down the hall singing “I’m big, I’m bad, I’m bad, I’m big, and I waaaaant a pig!” To which Maddie & JD scream, huddled under the easel. Annaliese & Maddie turn a pile of couch pillows into a castle tower to climb and rescue a scared cat named Scoodles. I’m torn between telling them not to climb on the couch and being very proud of their ingenuity. I had to put a stop to tying things around each other’s neck to act as their dog and cat leashes. I do care about SOME safety issues. JD can turn anything he has into what he needs. A lincoln log fort becomes a castle, his generic matchbox cars into the cast of “Cars” for “the biggest race in the history of racing!”. And under our pedestal kitchen table, are grooves for his Thomas trains which become the sheds they sleep in. It does make it hard to have dinner while the trains are sleeping.

Whenever I see this I think, “ok, now I know what to get for birthdays or Christmas”. Then I wonder if I should bother giving them the actual Lightning McQueen car or a castle play set. Would that spoil the fun? I remember having a lot more fun making up my Barbie accessories than having the real thing. Maybe I’m just weird. But once I had the real stuff, it wasn’t fun for me to set it all up because it was already done for me. What do you think?


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  1. I agree – I alwasy loved making up the things I was playing with better than the real thing!! Your kids sound like they’re so much fun to be around! I love imaginative children. Don’t you wish you could just play in a fantasy world sometimes!?


  2. Posted by Joni on April 12, 2007 at 1:28 pm

    Yeah. I laugh all day. They’re fun until they bicker. Mom’s pet peeve.

    And yes, I wish sometimes I could sit behind the couch with a blanket over my head or hide in the closet.


  3. Hey Joni! I think that you should let them keep using their imaginations. I think that too many of the toys these days actually stifle the imaginations and creativity of children. Keep up the good work training the next generation!


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