And now for something completely different…

I Love Life…So I Explore is a blog that always gets me thinking about 10 levels deeper than I get to go during my day job. And this post is no exception. It got me going so much that I decided I really had to move my thoughts over here and not load up her comments. The post begins by discussing fanaticism and terrorism, causes, mentality, etc. I took a turn into moral relativism. My fellow blogger Greg Landheim and I enjoy good conversations and disagree (which is half the fun) here and there, which will explain our banter.

Give me your thoughts.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Good for you Joni! Way to get out there and stand for THE TRUTH!

    I am glad to see that people can have discussions and not get at each other. It is for each person to decide whether the Bible is true or not. I choose to believe that it is and that Jesus is coming back for his church.

    There was a song that came out when I was in college that just keeps rolling around in me lately, “Jesus is coming. People get ready! Soon we’ll be going home.”

    Hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend at the Orchard! The service at Living Word this weekend was wonderful. Pastor Mac started a new series called “It’s All About Faith.” Wow! I took a TON of notes!!! I love having notes to review. I type them up to help cement things in my heart. I also type them up for future review. It is a lot easier to store than having a ton of notebooks sitting around my house. 🙂

    I served in our thee year old classroom this morning for two services (I went to church last night. We have two Saturday night services and two Sunday morning services. They are all essentially same. It is just to help with the logistics of parking and flow of people!) I had two of the most amazing services this morning. It is SO fun to see the kids loving Jesus not because I told them to or their parents told them to but because their heart is telling them to.

    God bless you. Have a wonderful week!


  2. I didn’t read the whole discussion, but thanks for the link. As for terrorism and things like the Virginia Tech massacre, there is just no rhyme or reason for it. People are brainwashed into thinking that there is a paradise if they blow people and themselves up or they are suffering from some mental illness. I really don’t thnk it even boils down to religion. It’s just evil and wrong.


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