One more

This is a great post from Tony McCollum whose website I stumbled upon recently.

At the health club, I always hear the personal trainers tell clients “one more”. They have a knack for when you are just about to quit and that’s their cue, “ok, one more”. That’s Tony’s encouragement to us:

    “Whatever it is you’re struggling with, give it one more day before you give up and then soak that day in prayer. You’d be amazed at what God can do in just one day.”

5 responses to this post.

  1. So true! It’s always to soon to quit!


  2. When you are obese it is the other way round. They say one less while eating.


  3. Haha! This is very true! I guess it’s the trainer’s way of making us feel like we’ve accomplished something big!


  4. Posted by glandheim on April 19, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    Joni, McCollum’s point is right on. People have a tendency to expect change too quickly, and when it doesn’t happen, they give up. If you are on the right path and nothing seems to be working, give it one more day. Then give it another.

    It’s a good post.


  5. I had a day like that just last week. Just a day I stopped and reflected at how I could change my attutude, just praying and seeking God’s guidance. It’s really helped to turn things around. Thanks for the reminder!


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