quotes, imagination & musings Revised

JD: “Mom, Annaliese is saying things to me that God told her not to say and its making my face mad.”

JD: “It wasn’t Goofy Mom. I peed in the corner”

JD: “I’m Fly Man and if you see a fly, you call me and I’ll get it with my pinchers”

At 10 pm last night, Maddie comes to me crying: “Mom, I forgot to read to God tonight and he’s been waiting for me. He’ll be so sad that I’m not there.”

Maddie: “Its taking an awfully long time for you to fix dinner”

Apparently, I now live in an airport or airplane hangar. JD has dubbed any room with a ceiling fan as either a helicopter or airplane. His room is a helicopter and Maddie’s is an airplane. They were running around the house trying to catch their flights the other day.

In fairness to poor JD who always gets the “what the…” type attention, here is something to balance the scales that was not originally included…

Conversation in truck today after my mom’s group and we picked up Maddie after school…

Maddie: “Look mom, JD is sharing his necklace with me(JD & Annaliese got Mardi Gras type beads at childcare).
Mom: “Well that was very kind of him”
JD: “That shows how much I love you Maddie”


7 responses to this post.

  1. Hi! I am trying to find and add as many mommies as I can. I just had my first child!


  2. I think we have way too many “JD pees in wierd places” stories…..

    What’s wrong with our son?


  3. That same sense of adventure and exploration will make him an excellent astronaut, scientist, or inventor one day.


  4. Posted by Dan on May 10, 2007 at 11:05 am

    Maybe he’ll pee on the moon someday!


  5. Never a dull moment there!

    And that last conversation? Oh – it melts my heart!


  6. One small pee for mankind……


  7. Gee, I wonder where he gets his fixation? 50% of the comments are from the men in his life. Not his mother.


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