Lost in space

Why is it that regardless of the space I give my 3 kids to play in, they always gravitate to within 2 inches apart and eventually irritate the snot out of each other. Someone screams and cries, comes running to me, I separate them, and 5 minutes later, they’re back together. We have an 8′ x 7′ x 2′ sandbox in the yard. Doug didn’t want to settle for the plastic turtle so he built one big enough for all three. Where do you suppose they are sitting? All three in one corner with a dump truck, bulldozer, 5 small John Deere trucks, a horse, cow, 7 dinosaurs, a bucket and a shovel. And what’s the complaint? “Mom! She knocked down my mountain!!” Of course she did. My wise motherly advice(hollered from just inside the screen door), “MOVE TO ANOTHER CORNER!!”


One response to this post.

  1. The bad news…some things will never change..at least it hasn’t with my teens! How about a car, or an acre of land, or the entire house?! Yup–something inside of them just has to do it… 😉


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