Brain Dump

– I saw my brother-in-law Joe yesterday. He’s able to get out of bed with help and was able to sit up and talk for a few hours. His blood pressure finally got below 150 so they moved him out of CCU into a regular room. He’s on about 15 medications to control blood sugar, insulin, tryglicerides, kidneys, blood thinners, breathing treatments etc. They want to wait a couple more days if possible to do the bypass surgery and get some of his other systems regulated.
– Food progress. Went to Bennigan’s today for Mother’s Day lunch. I splurged and ordered my favorite but deadly Monte Cristo sandwich regardless of my visit yesterday to the cardiac care unit. I found that I really couldn’t eat that much of it. It was too rich, too fatty, too large a portion. So, I picked a lot of the breading off, ate what ham & turkey I could and left most if it on the plate. Ate about half the fries. Which meant I had plenty of room for the Death By Chocolate ice cream pie dessert! I left not feeling stuffed. We had a coupon for buy one entree, get one free. Had a good time with my family.

– Also learned at Bennigan’s that generosity is a good way not to overeat. My kids saw that huge piece of ice cream pie and immediately wanted some. Now they already had a cookie for dessert and usually I would tell them “no, this is mommy’s dessert”– especially on Mother’s Day. Today, I decided sharing was a more fun option. So we just passed around forkfuls bite by bite and we all stopped when we got full.

– Given the fact that I am falling asleep at the keyboard here, I think my brain is empty and time to rest. Maddie was too excited to wait for me to get up so at 6am she came into my room, woke me up and told me quietly and gently “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy”. She proceeded to lend me one of her current favorite stuffed animals, a beanie baby french poodle named “Gigi” for me to snuggle with. She held my hand til my eyes closed then went back to her room. Very cool.


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