Moms, how was your day?

I had an awesome Mother’s Day, which included a two hour with no interruption nap. This explains why I’m posting at 1 am. Not sleepy.

Yesterday when I got home from visiting my brother-in-law, JD runs to me and says, “we’ve been making a huge surprise for you mom for mother’s day. Let me show it to you”. Meanwhile, Dad is hollering from the living room(realizing it is futile) “JD, that’s for tomorrow! Don’t-” Too late. I receive an envelope with a misfolded flap containing a page from a coloring book. I of course do not open it but tell him I will save this for Mother’s Day. Now Maddie & Annaliese have done the same thing until we convince them to hide them back in their rooms til today. As I tuck Maddie into bed, she tells me, “Don’t look at your surprise on my dresser, Mom. Just go.” So I leave and I do not look.

At 6 am Maddie wakes me up to say Happy Mother’s Day. Now she is SO excited because the teachers at school have been hyping this for a week with all their crafts and materials. This is the pinnacle for Maddie. The day she has been preparing for. At 6am. I tell her thank you and that its too early to be awake. She asks permission to use the potty, I say yes, she goes. My eyes shut. She comes back. “Mom,” she whispers, “you can have Gigi.” She hands me her current favorite stuffed thing, a beanie baby french poodle named Gigi to cuddle while I sleep. I hold her hand to say thank you and she rubs it until my eyes close again. I feel her let go and return to her room.

When it actually IS time to get up, the kids come running shouting “Happy Mother’s Day” and I am now allowed to open the envelopes and surprises so I can tape them on our kitchen wall for all to see. My kids are awesome. And Doug was great to orchestrate it all. Money was a little tight and I really didn’t want us to spend $20 on greeting cards. Its so cliche but you know, these were so much better. My only request was that I didn’t want to cook. So, muffins for breakfast by Dunkin.

Off to church. Afterward, we headed to Bennigan’s for lunch–thanks to Bennigan’s for the emailed Mother’s Day coupon. Home for naps. Doug stayed up to finish some laundry. When the kids woke up I think he went to the grocery store for some dinner food. I finally woke up and headed to the kitchen for the steak dinner Doug made for me. We ate. And eventually got everyone to bed. Except me. I’m going to be dead in the morning but as Maddie would say, “this is the best day of all!”

The coolest thing is, as great as this day was, they generally treat me this well all the time(except for the cooking). Doug is my biggest fan, and as crabby or crazy as mommy gets sometimes, the kids still think I’m the best mom ever. I think I’ll go to bed now while I’m feeling all happy and carefree. Tomorrow will have enough trouble of its own!! 🙂

Tell me about your day.


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  1. We did church and then our wives headed off for a pedicure. I cooked steaks on the grill and we sat around and watched the girls play.

    Pretty good day, and it seemed like the moms enjoyed it too…


  2. I am very happy for you Joni. You deserve all the fun you had because you are a great mum as I can make out from your blogs. In India also thanks to globalisation the concept of Mothers day is picking up. Actually here in India most mothers live with their children;they used to at least some time back, so everyday we met them or talked to them. I talk to my parents for at least an hour everyday. Still it is a lovely way of telling your mother you are special.


  3. So glad you enjoyed your day!

    We went to church and then it was off to the baseball fields. My oldest son (4th grader) was in a tournament all weekend and ended up playing 3 games on Sunday afternoon. For mother’s day, he wrote me a poem (it was a class writing assigment).

    “The important thing about my Mom
    is that she wouldn’t trade the world for me.
    She plays with me.
    She provides for me.
    She lets me have lots of freedom.
    She wants me to be happy.
    But the most important thing about my Mom
    Is that she wouldn’t trade the world for me.”

    Aawww! That’s a keeper.

    My youngest is in 1st grade and they made a little craft in school. He couldn’t wait until Sunday so he gave it to me on Friday. It was really cute. I found out that he thinks my ‘specialty’ is cleaning the house (ha!) and my favorite sport is baseball (well, only cuz my boys play it) and the thing he likes best about me is that “I always smell good like roses and a bunch of flowers mixed together.” He’s a sweetie and I am so blessed to be the mother of two wonderful sons.

    Definitely a special Mother’s Day.


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