Oh how the years go by

I spent last evening at a golden birthday party for a girl woman who turned 24 on the 24th. If you’re not familiar with the golden birthday concept, its when you turn the same age as the day of your birthdate.

I met Laurie over 15 years ago when her family and I attended the same church. I have had the privilege of watching her grow up. I(and then later, Doug)served with Laurie’s parents virtually every Sunday for years. Mom and Dad would bring the kids in to set up church in a movie theater at 5 am. The kids would be huddled in a pile of coats or in blankets and pillows while the work went on. Eventually the kids starting serving as well. Aiming lights, running video, wiring sound, being stagehands, ushers and drama actors.  She now lives in another state and we don’t get to see her family very often anymore. So when I received the invitation to her Golden Birthday party, I knew I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Years ago, when Laurie was little, she was disappointed that her golden birthday wouldn’t happen until she turned 24(so old!) while her younger sister and brother already got to have theirs at 8. Mom and Dad did not forget but made sure she got her special party. Her parents are people Doug and I have taken a lot of cues from. We are blown away by how they build into their kids and we’re fortunate to see the fruit of their hard work now that most of the kids are adults.

I sat back watching her open presents and cards and had one of those moments. She looked so beautiful and so grown up. Her brother and sister were huddled together on the couch opposite her taking picture after picture, cracking jokes and reminiscing. Mom and Dad beaming from ear to ear. Old and new friends all together. I’m so proud of the woman she has become. Happy Birthday Laurie! See you on your next visit!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Nice post… no I feel sad that I missed my Golden Birthday 🙂


  2. I turned 24 last September 24th and I went on and on about it being my “golden birthday.” No one believed me. I’m glad to hear you’ve heard that too.


  3. She sounds like such a special woman! You are lucky to be in each other’s lives!

    My Golden Birthday was my 4th birthday!


  4. I missed my Golden Birthday too. Nobody ever told me about it.


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