Can you be relevant wearing a scrunchie?

Today was my day to lead worship for The Orchard’s Wahabu Land class-kids 1st-5th grade. So I’m thinkin’ I want to appear a little younger and hipper(not hippier)so they’ll like me because I am afraid of children over the age of 6. Well, hard as I try, my hair just isn’t bouncin’ and behavin’ and I was roasting in the room. (Side note: I have struggled with my hair for years, especially after becoming a mom. I’ve gotten out of the habit of getting my hair cut. I just forget or find a better use for the $$) I figure I’ll once again and without creativity, put it in an elastic thing and be fine. Well, yeah. All I could find was my mini scrunchie–not my old giant 80s scrunchie but a much more discreet version from the late 90s. Crap. How can I possibly be relevant with a slate blue scrunchie?

The kids didn’t seem to mind as far as I know. Worship went great. Had a packed out class–no kidding–standing room only. All the kids participated and I could hear them singing over the music. Even the boys did hand motions! I think I figured out how to get the tough guys to engage. You have to catch them in the act of making fun of the motions and rolling their eyes. I kept my eye on a couple of them and when I glanced over and smiled, they fell right in line!! 😉

I must say the Orchard has an awesome children’s director in Kathryn Egly and the volunteers are amazing! I’m in awe that many serve passionately week in and week out. Children’s ministry is completely new to me and really I’m only involved on a limited basis. Still, during the time I have their attention, I want the kids to get this very awesome picture of God and how interested he is in them. I know growing up I often felt ignored and left out which made me cling to any group that would have me. I was fortunate not to get involved with any severe crowds. Kids are even more at risk these days so my goal is to help them see God as more fascinating than the other things vying for their attention. And subsequently, they will have motivation to worship other than mom and dad told them to participate in class.

Time for a haircut.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Well, I don’t know about the other kids but Kylee says that “You Rock!!” So thanks for your time and love for the kids!!!


  2. Joni – you had me cracking up with your scrunchee story…

    But, honestly, your post made my week!!! Thanks for climbing out of your comfort zone to impact the Wahabu Landers!


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