Books I Wish Were In Print

“Will Toddlers Changing Outfits 3 Times A Day Cause Shopping Addiction?”

“A Doctor’s Guide to Ingestion By Licking Things”

“Children’s Benadryl and Sedation: Abuse or Prevention?”

“Having a Complete Thought Is Overrated”

“How To Parent On 4 Hours Sleep Without A Television”

“Praying For Memory Loss In Children: A Mother’s hope to minimize damage done when her mouth doesn’t stop to think”

“The Right Cleaner For The Job: A Guide to removing stains caused by vomit, poo, pee, and a variety of juices”

“Raising Self-Controlled Children: The Guilt-Free ‘No’ and How To Say It To Your Kids”

“Couch Treasure Hunt: A seek and find activity”; includes log book, pencil and field guide to help children and parents identify the variety of things under the couch cushions

“A Nutritional Analysis of Dirt, Sand and Grass”

“Overcoming Selective Hearing In Children: Opening Their Ears To Instruction”

“Mastering Selective Hearing By Parents: Scream Discernment”

“Cookies For Breakfast: The Stressed Mom’s Cookbook”

“Chocolate Is My Friend: 101 reasons why its ok to keep chocolate chips in the medicine cabinet”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lori on June 5, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    I definitely need “Praying for Memory Loss”!!!!!!!
    Love these, did you make these up!!? SO clever!


  2. These are hilarious!!! You are a woman after my own heart!


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