Labor Day

The angels impatiently paced outside the secret chamber. “He’s been working in there for months!” said one. “Sure seems that way doesn’t it? Feels even longer down there. I don’t know how they do it,” said the other. Asked a third, “What could possibly take so long?” “New life,” replied the Captain. “He’s very particular about each one—right down to the hairs on their head.” “Hmm, seems a bit over the top,” muttered the first. “Yep. Just how He likes them,” responded the Captain again. “Special. Unique. Individual. Hand crafted.” Another wondered, “Will the little one forget once he is in the world?” “He will,” replied the second. “But the Creator has placed a homing device in his heart–a mysterious longing for the closeness they once shared. The boy will need faithful guides to point the way home.” The Captain reassured his men, “That’s why these parents were chosen.”

“Do I have to go NOW?” asked the little one of his Creator. “Yes,” Jesus replied, “its time. Your mom and dad are very anxious to meet you and I’ve finished this stage of the work.” “Hmm,” the little one thought, “will you come visit me?”
“My child, I will never be away from your side. I have assigned angels to accompany you everywhere you go. For a while, you will need extra hands to keep you safe. The two sets I gave your parents are nowhere near enough. Especially for a boy like you!”
The baby boy giggled recalling the last several months of gymnastics and tap dancing. He didn’t understand the need for the contingent of angels. He was safe and warm so far. Just bouncing around with an occasional stillness. Well sort of still. There was a LOT of noise in here. Lots of swishing and rushing sounds. And this constant kathump, kathump, kathump all day and all night. He could hear muffled talking and laughing, music, and a lot of other sounds he didn’t quite understand. One sound he did know from the start. The voice. Mommy’s voice.

All of a sudden he heard that voice very loudly. It made him jump. He also started to feel squeezed and pushed a little. His head felt funny. He was moving down–head first! Where was he going?! Jesus held his hand and started to say goodbye. “But I can’t go yet!” the little one pleaded, “Who will take care of me? Why do I have to go there? I’m not, I’m not going.” And he held out his arms and legs to stop the downward motion. “I’m scared. What’s it like out there? Noooooooooooo!”
“It’s the world I made for you,” said the Creator. You will have a new home. You will be warm enough. You will breathe the air I give you. You will learn the language and maybe even create one of your own. I will always see you. I will always know what you need. I will tell your parents what to do. They’re scared too.”
“Yes little one. They know the great responsibility I have given them in guiding you back to me. And they will work hard. Sometimes they will not do the right thing. But they will learn and you will learn and your family will search for me together. And you will find me.”
“OK. I think I can do this. Ok, here we go”
More squeezing and pushing and down the baby boy went, letting go of Jesus’ hand just as his face entered the light. He was excited to start this new adventure, but missing his Creator, he wailed at the top of his lungs. Then, he heard the voice. And felt relief.

“He’s here, he’s here!” the angel shouted with delight to the contingent assembled.
“He’s beautiful”
“Wow, another masterpiece”
“He’s so small.”
“He’ll get bigger–and mobile,” said the Captain. The others laughed and agreed. They got into position and strategically surrounded the new little one and his parents. Ready for their own little adventure.

© Joni Ruhs 2007


3 responses to this post.

  1. I loved every word of the post.


  2. From a mom-to-be’s perspective, this is SO meaningful, so touching!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! I thank God for gifted writers like you who know how to open up the world to us through your creativity!


  3. awesome imagery…


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