Random Thoughts

– My brother-in-law’s tests did not go well Monday so they postponed the surgery again. The platelets were down, the creatinin(kidney enzyme) was up–both are bad. The earliest they said they would operate is Thursday the 14th. Crazy.

– Maddie’s quote of the day: “Hey, there’s Mr. Jones!” as in Mike Jones, Orchard’s Creative Director, upon seeing Los Wittaker’s Worship Confessional video. Those worship people–they all look alike.

– Taking our truck in Friday for much needed repairs which may or may not include solving an oil leak somewhere; getting the digital radio, clock, temp, compass, and odometer lights to come back on; ABS light-another leak?; emergency brake–it might be perpetually on which accounts for the newest problem of pulsing while driving; I’m sure I missed something. How much will this cost? No clue. Most likely LOTS. So you could pray for us to get LOTS or at least enough to cover the credit card monthly payment?!

– Had a good workout today; good and sweaty

– I’m out of chocolate and quite sad about that.

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