DCFS is shutting down my blog

Today while blogging and surfing and such, my 4 yr old son went into the “craft cabinet” to get his pencil box. I asked “what are you doing? You’re supposed to be watching your video.” To which he replied, “the rubberbands on the lamp are bugging me. I need my scissors to cut them off”. Background: whenever my husband finds a hair elastic lying around in the living room, he hangs them on a decorative part of our table lamp. We(myself included) don’t actually put things away in our house, we just find places to put them for later. And of course, being a good mom, I tell him no, he may not have scissors to cut off the rubber bands and please go back to the living room. Which he does.

Fast forward to 8:00 pm. Kids are in bed. My husband and I are sitting down to watch tv and I want to turn on the lamp. Click. Nothing. Click, click. Nothing. We check the outlet and wiggle the cord. Nothing. I turn the light bulb a little. Nothing. I jiggle the cord coming out of the lamp. Wait. What???!!!!!!!!

The lamp cord is cut. A clean cut. It is also burnt at the tip. Which means someone got a bit of a jolt using metal safety tip scissors to cut the cord off the lamp. HE CUT THE _____ CORD! Who does that? We haven’t found the scorched scissors yet. And thank God they had safety tips. He could have poked himself. At least he didn’t pee on anything.

Good grief do you know what could have happened? And here I was typing away and clicking around. I heard no scream. No one came to tattle. This is why I am no longer allowed to blog. Because I let my children have scissors and cut lamp cords while they’re plugged in.


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  1. thank you.


  2. Oh my word!!! That is scary! Glad he is okay


  3. Maybe you should change his name to Edward Scissorhand. What a funny story, (now that we know he isn’t injured). If your husband wants to ban you from blogging, tell him it is his fault for putting the hair bands there in the fist place.


  4. Congrat’s! I saw you made the “blog of the minute this morning w/ this post. As a parent I sometimes feel like a mother hen trying to get her chicks across the road without getting flattened….and they don’t have a clue.


  5. Posted by forrealblog on June 16, 2007 at 6:32 am

    Ooooh, I can see a punishment coming for that…


  6. “you’re supposed to be watching your video” YIKES


  7. WOW! That’s so scary isn’t it. But all is ok, and hopefully he has learned something from the experience. No doubt you and your husband will explain to him the dangers of doing that.


    • Posted by JD Ruhs on November 21, 2016 at 3:54 pm

      Hi this is JD from 9 years later and I have cut many cords in my day.


      • Oh my son, you do embellish. Yes, 9 years later you have the ability to search and read your mother’s blog from toddlerhood. However, now that everything is wifi, there are no cords to cut.

      • Hello JD. Quite a surprise to receive this response from so long ago — you are the son in the story? Thank you for responding, as I got to read your mum’s posts again. All the best to you from Brisbane, Australia.

      • …and hello Joni. 🙂

      • Hello! It is fun and a little bit frightening now that my children can read about themselves!

  8. Oh sorry, that made me laugh. I actually did something like that many years back.

    My second husband and I were divorcing … and the day he was moving his stuff out, and although it was sad and a little tense, the activity was going along generally amenable as we tried to move through the inevitable with grace.

    We were standing in the garage and he wanted his radio that was on a shelf over the laundry. The cord was down the back of the builtin shelf and we weren’t going to demolish the shelf to get it free. Without thinking much, I grabbed a nearby scissor and just cut it … but it was still plugged in! When it zapped we were both incredulous … and I was very lucky that I was standing on a rubber mat.

    Then I looked at him and said, “Hey, that would have been easy: no divorce and you get $500K insurance!” He didn’t see the humor and said that was the last thing he’d want. For a moment there, we reconsidered.


  9. A friend of my brother’s was killed when he cut through the cord of the vacuum cleaner while his Mum was in the next room. It was turned on. These things happen. It’s tragic.

    So glad he’s ok.


  10. Posted by Fabian on June 16, 2007 at 7:16 am

    Quit being a crap mum and watch your son


  11. I am glad your son is ok! Oh, and when you said that your family really doesent put things away, my family is the same! :mrgreen: You should get some sort of a bin or something to put things in untill you are ready to put them away, it really helps with my family! 😀


  12. I had a friend whose cat would not stop chewing on her electric cords.


  13. Fabian!!! She is not a crap mum!!! It’s not like she didn’t try to stop him!


  14. Our cat does that too!


  15. Oh, how I loved your story!!! I have a million of those, a few of which I’ve posted here and there on my own blog. Your four-year-old and my four-year-old must have been born under the same moon. I have a funny hair-cutting story to go along with your cord-cutting story. Days after the hair-cutting incidient in my house, my four-year-old saw a pair of scissors on the kitchen table and scolded me, saying, “Mommy, you should not leave those scissors lying around where I can reach them!” (hands on her hips) I too, am frowned upon for the hours I spend the state of idle blogging. LOL! Thanks for the laugh!


  16. I stuck my fingers in a lamp socket once. (Sad, but true)

    I didn’t make any sound except grunting when I slammed into the floor, so it’s not your fault. 🙂

    Sneaky buggers aren’t they… 🙂


  17. I think you might be related to me somehow . . . at least he didn’t pee on anything . . . I’m dying here! LOL


  18. Modestypress: send your friend to the pet store to buy some Bitter Apple. Put it on all her electric cords. End of cat problem.

    Joni: Give the kid insulated scissors. Paint all electric cords red. Tell kid if he messes with any red wires he’ll have to go out and get a job and pay rent. Of course then you’ll have to buy him a car to get to work in, and pretty soon he’ll want to bring his girlfriend home for the weekend. It never ends. Lotsa luck.


  19. when I was a kid I split my head open jumping my bike and when I was called in to dinner I acted as if nothing had happened. everything was going swimmingly until my mom noticed the massive blood pool on the floor behind me. boys are tough, but we are scared of our moms!


  20. Posted by anonymom on June 16, 2007 at 8:25 am

    I learned very quickly that child safety scissors are a bad, bad, bad thing. I bought them one day and threw them out the next.


  21. Wow! I had no idea this would be such a big story! Thanks everyone for stopping by. Many of you are new to me and its nice to meet you. I look forward to popping in on your sites!

    So far no one has come knocking at the door to take my children away. My neighbor told me one day that I’m not getting off that easy. I’m stuck with them! Thank God.


  22. My three-year-old granddaughter does not cut the cords, but she has no fear of heights. This is good as she wants to be a firefighter, but not good in that it scares parents and grandparents as she climbs on the rocks.


  23. Ric,

    The cat that chewed cords was in another state twenty years ago, so the electricity probably died.


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