Shocking, there’s more…

Ok, at midnight, I thought I had all the facts. However, I woke up this morning to my husband showing me the scissors involved in yesterday’s “I want to be an electrician” incident. We discovered that it was not my son who is typically involved even though his scissors were used. It was my 3 yr old daughter who is not allowed to use scissors at all.

 img_1329.jpg                     img_1339.jpg

 Now the details are fuzzy because there are several versions among the culprit and 2 eyewitnesses. JD has a very specific, but suspect, story of how Annaliese got the scissors in the first place which he ends by saying, “or did I do it?” As I mentioned previously, I’m surprised no one tattled which can only mean they were all involved somehow. Using my Law & Order training, I will try to flip one of them in a plea bargain. OK, probably not. I guess I won’t be able to blog during the day anymore unless my husband is home(like he is now).

And to clear up the video thing, the kids are allowed to watch tv for about an hour a day and they each get to pick a show. They stay in the room and don’t leave. I wasn’t using it as a babysitter. Well, maybe a little. 😉


2 responses to this post.

  1. This is all unfolding with such great mystery and excitement! haha

    I am probably wrong for this but I tell my kids “Should I go in my room and talk to Jesus about this?” “You know HE WILL tell mommy the truth.” lol I am sooooo bad! It wont be long before they stop falling for that one!! One of these days they are going to be like…”Yeah, go ask him.” (insert their smug little grins here) lol


  2. okay I am not trying to hang this on JD but I found, with my kids, that the child with the least vocabulary always gets blamed for the crime. I mean come on can Annaliese really defend herself here? And JD is right at that cutting age. They all go through it. For our’s it has always been the haircut. Like the time Faith was wearing a bun and her sister decided to give her a hear cut….luckily she didn’t succeed in cutting off the whole bun!!

    When I can’t tell who did it and no one will fess up I just punish them all. I don’t think it has ever failed. Someone usually steps up and says it was them. This is a pretty serious offense, so you really don’t want the one who did it to get away with it!!


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