Surgery today

Hammer family and friends: more details are available on the Hammer family page 

Joe finally had the triple bypass surgery this afternoon starting around 1 pm and came out around 5:30 pm. The doctor said everything went fine and they only had to do the triple. There was the thought that once he got in there he may see more damage. Apparently he felt the triple bypass would be sufficient. Joe was recovering in his room around 7 pm but of course not awake yet. Kristi got to spend a few minutes and was asked to return in about an hour once they had finished the recovery process.

A couple big huge answers to prayer:  Joe’s platelets were up 30% over the weekend which allowed them to go ahead with the surgery. Its the first time they’ve increased in the last several years. Also, the doctor was amazed at how improved his lungs were and didn’t think he’d need prolonged use of the ventilator!! I asked Kristi about how he was doing not smoking and she said it’s unbelievable but its liked he’s never smoked at all. He doesn’t reach for his pocket where the cigarettes were. He’s not craving them either. Wow. That’s a freakin’ miracle. Can you say “freakin'” and “miracle” together? I guess I just did.


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  1. I am always glad to hear a story about answered prayers!

    And about “freakin”. As a recovering F-bomber, I have chosen to sub “Freakin” as my clean word of choice. I think “freakin” can be used in any sentence at any time. 😉 Have fun with it!


  2. I am very happy to know that. Must be a big relief for the family. I wish them all the happiness in life.


  3. That’s great news. Isn’t modern medicine amazing. In the sixities, my grandfather had heart problems. All they could do was put him in an oxygen tank where he died. Today, they would have done a bypass and he would have had twenty more years.

    My father was a closet smoker. Smoked at work and hid it from the family. When he changed jobs, his employees gave him a caracature and it had a cigarette in it’s hand. Oops.

    My father only had a single bypass. (Although not much different between that and a quadruple… once they break thru your rib cage and breast bone the recovery is the same.) After his surgery, he said his smoking craving was immediately gone. Never came back. He said, “Something about being cracked open like a dungeness crab takes care of that.” Now the hardest part will be the breathing exercises to make sure the lungs stay clear. Painful.

    But it sounds like he’s through the hard part. That’s excellent.


  4. Posted by floatingaxhead on June 19, 2007 at 4:59 pm

    SWEET! Been thinking about Joe and your family every day.

    We prayed for Joe in our Lifegroup on Sunday night… then had to explain to everyone about meeting people through blogging, how cool it is, etc… Probably converted a few more bloggers.


  5. […] 16, 2009 · No Comments Hey gang. Two years ago, my brother-in-law  Joe, had triple bypass surgery on his heart after years of wrecking his body with smoking and […]


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