Deep breath in…exhale. Deep breath in…exhale.

OK, shall I fill you in?

This week has been kicking my mental butt. Wait. Nevermind. It just has. Monday was a long day waiting on Joe’s surgery. Haven’t been getting to the health club as often as during the school year which leads to lots of bodily pain. And that leads to insomnia. Hard to sleep with throbbing leg pain and sciatic issues. I think my body is having sympathy insomnia with Anne Jackson.  And so every kid issue is multiplied by 1000. I think I’m just trying to adjust to the summer schedule. The last nine months I’ve been a little behind on the arrival of each season. Wasn’t ready for Christmas, vacation, spring window opening weather, you name it.

Tonight, I sat in a little quiet, took a deep breath and decided to just slow  down a bit, post some and then move on.


One response to this post.

  1. Sorry you are having sympathy-lack-of-sleep. 😦


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