So happy together

Tomorrow is Annaliese’s 3rd birthday. You so often hear about the insanity of my children. I’d like to tell you some of the cool stuff.

-I love that Maddie is just as excited about Annaliese’s birthday as her own.

-I love that Annaliese can laugh even if the thought of tickling her crosses our minds.

-I love Maddie’s laugh. And JD’s laugh(because it always ends with “do it again”). And Annaliese’s giggles.

-I love how they think all 3 of them huddled under a comforter on JD’s bed will make me not see them during hide-and-seek.

-I love that JD holds the door for his sisters coming into the house.

-I love that they all hug and kiss the pets goodbye.

-I love that Maddie was concerned about a newborn baby in the ER tonight.

-I love listening to them play make believe with each other(when its all going well!).

-I love that Annaliese believes her green beans are shouting “noooo, don’t stick me” at the dinner table.

-I love how Annaliese pops in out of nowhere and says “can I help?” whenever I’m working on the dishes or any other chore.

-I love that JD can create an entire society out of every single toy he owns and incorporates them into his story line.

-I love how the kids make up stories and characters.

-I love how much my kids love their friends.

-I love that my kids call everyone they know “my friend”.

-I love that Maddie prays for her teacher and every classmate by name, every night.

-I love that JD tries to be like Daddy with his tool box, headphones and lawn mower.

-I love that Annaliese will stick all her food in her mouth if she thinks dessert will come faster as a result.

-I love that my kids think all their babysitters are rock stars.

-I love that my kids think all our house guests are rock stars.

-I love that my kids say please and thank you(most of the time).

-I love that my kids love music and have favorite songs–this week…JD – Everlasting God/Lincoln Brewster; Annaliese-I Love You Lord/kids worship; Maddie-Save The Last Dance/Michael Buble′(I’m not kidding)

-I love that JD will dress up in a “super hero” costume when its 95° and ride his bike in front of our neighbors.

-I love that my kids forgive me when I apologize.

-I love that my kids believe everyone wants to spend time with them.

I         love         my         kids!

2 responses to this post.

  1. This is awesome…thanks for sharing. It’s so cool to be a parent, and we need to do this kind of thing regularly…I think I’ll get on it today. thanks for the push…


  2. I love this. The fun and great things with our children SO outweigh the tough times 🙂


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