Dumb things I believe

I believe that if I look at my dirty floors long enough, they will eventually become clean.

I believe that if I think to myself how irritating it is that the bathroom garbage can is overflowing, it will eventually empty itself.

I believe that if I just hide in another room and work on the computer, my kids will resolve their own conflicts and stop yelling and screaming at each other.

I believe that eventually, Goofy will clean his own litter box.

I believe that if you eat real chocolate chips from Ghirardelli, they will not hinder weight loss. They are however excellent antioxidants if you have no body fat to begin with.

I believe that my pharmacist will automatically refill my prescription if I just keep thinking “boy, better get that refilled before I run out”.

I believe that eventually my kids will eat the food I make for dinner without complaining or under duress.

I believe that if I don’t say anything, people will know what I need and how I feel by the expression on my face or the velocity at which I “place” something on a counter or close a door.


6 responses to this post.

  1. This is great! I believe that projects in my house will finish themselves and will surprise me when I come home from having fun! hasn’t worked yet, must be I need to go away longer 😉


  2. I share your beliefs. Sometimes when there is too much work I go to sleep.


  3. haha, that’s so true. I can definitely relate to some of those beliefs.


  4. i believe no one loads the dishwasher as effectively as me…


  5. Posted by Joni on July 12, 2007 at 7:05 pm



  6. I love these! I’ m totally in sync with you on those!

    Here’s one: I believe one day my husband will volunteer to put a child to bed without me asking….. 🙂


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