What’re YOU lookin’ at?


“Blast these safety windows. If it weren’t for the children, I’d be halfway to that farm over there!”

Could King have ANY possible idea that he is on his way to 3 shots, 1 blood draw, fecal analysis and a nail clipping? What’s he smiling about? Is it the buffet of smells? Should I be using my new free upgrade picture phone while driving?


2 responses to this post.

  1. No with a face like that he had no idea! lol Such a great photo


  2. I LOVE this photo!! Poor King had no idea that he was about to go to a not-so-fun place, huh? Well, at least he had a good time getting there!!

    I have to admit, I take pictures with my phone while I’m driving sometimes, too. But I try to be extra careful!

    Doggy Mama


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