New Doug news

The obstruction has been cleared, no known cause, Doug is home and ready for rehearsal tomorrow. So far. Two days clear liquids, then squishy foods and back to reality.


Thank God for answering yes and thank you for offering prayers and giving your help.


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  1. YAY!!!!!!! Looking much happier!


  2. Good to see the lad back on his game. Nothing like a little drano to clear out the plumbing! And the PB was right… that did look like Cubs floppy hat you were wearing.

    Is beer a clear liquid?


  3. So glad that he is feeling better. It was good to see you guys this morning and to have you guys cracking jokes… don’t think I’ve ever been around one or the other (or both of you) when you haven’t been joking around. Even in this situation you still try to put a smile on other people’s face.

    Praise God for answered prayers!


  4. great to hear!!!


  5. This too shall pass, BUT NOT WITHOUT SOLID FOOD!!!!!!!

    It’s not a cubs hat!!!

    If given the choice between watching a cubs game and having a tube stuck up my nose, I’ll take the tube. Just ask my nurse Stephanie.

    However, I did watch the cubs to try and take my mind off of the tube stuck in my head. It’s kind of like asking someone to punch you in the shoulder to take your mind off of your headache.


  6. Awesome! Thanks for the update!!!!


  7. Oh, I am glad that things are going well. Thanks for the update!

    Doggy Mama


  8. I am so glad things are better!! =)


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