God math

I figured since I whine about not having “enough” money, I’d post a shout out when something goes well. And if you have ever had to trust God for that “daily bread” you understand the God math phenomenon.

So lately one of my worrying points has been our finances. Doug works very hard to provide for our family and we are attempting to manage that well. Still things happen that turned us upside down on our budget. Through the prayer process, I believe I’ve sensed the Holy Spirit saying, “it’ll be ok, I’ve got it under control, don’t obsess”. Well, yeah, easy for God to say. Harder for Mrs. I-should-do-it-myself to believe. I decided to take a flying leap so to speak and not obsess.

I was relieved to have received a surprise check in the mail that would cover a few more expenses this month. I felt horribly guilty as I made a mistake this week and overspent. It was a miscommunication thing. And I heard in my spirit, “its ok, I’ve got it under control, don’t obsess”. So tonight I decided I’d better look through the checkbook and line it up with the bank so I knew what I was dealing with having “squandered” my mailbox treat. In walks…God math.

I discovered a deposit I did not record in my checkbook and an expense that I posted twice. Therefore, I am back to “should be able to cover a few more expenses” mode. Better write those checks before I load up a Starbucks card. 😉

So thank you God for your foray into the world of equations and showing you indeed have power over logic. Its always a fun ride albeit heart pounding to balance my checkbook with you. See you at the mailbox!

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  1. I too have finance worry. It’s so sad to me that it’s part of life everyday as a single mom. I frustrate myself so much because as a Christian I know the answer is to trust God. Yet the mind and heart at times cant get it together. Recently God stepped in and reminded me without a doubt he is in control.

    I send Gabe to a private school. I depend on financial aid to afford the expense. This year I blanked out on sending it in. I put it in the mail the day before the deadline. I quickly thought the worst would happen. I would be denied financial aid. What would I do. How could I afford it. The public school Gabe would go to was overcrowded and had really low test scores. I had read lots of budget cuts were in store for the year.

    I began to pray that God would step in. Then the final blow. I had forgotten the check to pay the processing fee! That meant they wouldn’t even consider my application. I was defeated! Or so I thought. I have never prayed and believed harder. My prayer was that God would provide a way for me to keep Gabe in the Private School. Whatever it took I would do.

    Well of course our loving Father provided! I became aware of an opening for after school daycare at Gabe’s school. I got the Job! My full time job changed my hours so I could accept the part time position! Woo hoo!! The Job more than covered tuition. As a bonus I could be plugged in even more at Gabe’s School! Then as that reassurance that God is good all the time. Here came another surprise. I recieved a letter yesterday in the mail that I would be receiving financial aid for the upcoming school year! They accepted and processed my application! Yes I to love God Math!


  2. That’s awesome! Isn’t it amazing that time after time God comes through and we still worry and doubt. I’m so glad He is patient and gracious. Great news girl! I love hearing your stories.


  3. Hi Joni! It’s Tam from inProgress. My heart, gutt and all those other body parts that send fear pains to the bottom of our toes, woke up tonight as I read this post. We are in one of our biggest upside down moments ever. My hubby is a worship and media Pastor…need I say more. Money has no elasticity in it at all. We can’t seem to make it stretch a bit. We’ve hurt many times before and every single time God has shown Himself faithful and caring. Yet…when the next hurdle arises, I seem to instantly forget that God has always been a faithful provider! Why must I be so “fleshy”? I am taking a moment now to stop to pray and praise God for how he has provided for and how will continue to provide for you, Edith and my family…


  4. Just popping in with a prayer and letting you know that I really enjoy your blog! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


  5. Hi Joni!
    It’s so hard some times when we go through so much at once to “count it all joy”. I will be praying for your finances and your circumstances as you write….God’s plans are to prosper not to harm, just worship Him…He love you guys so much!



  6. I am so glad you figured out your mistake, and it was a good one! We have had some unexpected medical bills lately, too, which have thrown our budget off a bit. We have people in our lives who come through for us so many times. We are blessed to have them!


  7. Seeing I will no longer be receiving an actual check come November and going to school full-time as a single parent who received less than $200 a month in child support…God math is what I am believing in. He has amazed me thus far, why would it be any different in my future. I think at this time in my life I will be taking a very big step of faith as I am praying that things will come together as I have continually sensed Him saying to me. Even this morning I received an email for some additional income that I will be receiving over the next 6 weeks and then later this afternoon another means of financial income. God is so good.


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