Insomnia is hereditary

Poor Maddie. Its 12:50 a.m. in Chicago and she is still awake. But then, so am I. Say hi to everyone Maddie–hi, it’s maddie. That was actually her typing.  She has not been able to fall asleep since she went to bed around 8pm this evening. She’s tried reading. Being read to. Rearranging bed covers to accommodate the family of beanies she keeps with her. Ugh. Doug? JD? Annaliese? Sound asleep from the minute heads hit pillows. Doug even slept through an earthquake tremor in El Salvador last week. I know. I’ve been bugging him to get blogging.

I could never get to sleep as a child. I was never sleepy. I’d sneak downstairs and watch the tv from the top of the living room stairway. That’s how I learned who Johnny Carson and Tom Snyder were. Until my parents installed a mirror above the tv which reflected the top of the living room stairway. I’d stare out my window and count how many seconds the traffic light on the corner would stay green. It was on a timer so the Main St. traffic got a much longer green than my street did. I’d say rosary after rosary. I grew up Roman Catholic and everyone gets a rosary. Mine was light blue and silver. I’d even listen to my little transistor radio under the covers. And you know what? I had excuses to get out of bed that rival JDs. I had a set of psychadelic 70s pink & red starburst patterned sheets that I swore kept me awake just by looking at them. Yeah, my parents didn’t buy that one either.

Eventually I’d fall asleep and then could NEVER get up in the morning to save my life. I’m pretty sure my poor mom dragged me out of bed every day. Rarely does Maddie have to be pulled out of bed though. She’s quite eager to start another day. Usually before I am. Look at me. I’m still not sleeping and still have to be dragged out of bed. Its a lot more embarrassing being the mom though.

I was telling my dad about all this and he told me he could never fall asleep as a child either. He’d stare out the window at the stars. So there you have it. Three generations (that we know of) of insomniacs. What’s up with that? Too bad there aren’t safe children’s sleeping pills. I think we’ll try a glass of milk.


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  1. Posted by Beth on August 10, 2007 at 7:16 am

    You poor thing Joni…and poor Maddie. I have heard that calcium supplements help. There is also a newer product called Hyland’s Calms Forte 4 Kids. It is a homeopathic and safe, non-addicting. You might want to give it a try. Good luck and you are in my prayers!


  2. Might I suggest a good theology text book… perhaps Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Always worked for me.

    Jean just has me tell her about sports… who’s playing, who’s winning, who’s not winning… she’s usually out cold by this point.

    Then I pick up one of her Jane Austen books. Zzzzzz.


  3. I have that same trouble sometimes now. Mostly, I have problems if I am asleep and get woken up–then it’s so hard to go back to sleep. I take Tylenol PM occasionally. Not sure if children can take that or if they have a child’s formula. It really helps me though.


  4. I’m SO thankful I never suffer from insomnia. My friend does though. She sends me mail and text messages all through the night lol


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