More kid wisdom

She is so smart. Given Maddie’s lack of sleep last night, today was bound to be rough. And so it was. The “little ones” got on every one of her nerves. They can be relentless sometimes and Maddie is very sensitive anyway. Finally in dire frustration, she lashed out and mom saw the whole thing.  After separating combatants and doling out everyone‘s fair share of consequences, I hung out with Maddie for awhile. She told me what she was experiencing from her siblings and how she felt. Some pretty profound stuff from a 6 yr old. I tried to encourage her because its hard being the big sister, then gave some tips on how to handle those situations in the future. I thought we were done. And then she took my amazement one step further.

“Mom? Can you read a book to me? I’m so tired of trying to read by myself.”  “Of course honey,” I say. “Can we read a good book that’s not bad?” she asks. I’m a little confused, “What do you mean? Do you want me to get a book that’s not wrinkled?” “No. I want a book that doesn’t say anything wrong and nobody gets in trouble. Nobody lets the kite go(curious george ref.) or says mean things or throws paint on their wall and has to have a time out(olivia ref.). Just a nice book.”

I get it now. She just wants a fun story. No moral lesson. No conflict. No more to think about or learn. Just something nice for her weary 6 yr old soul. We decide on “God Loves You Very Much” from the Veggie Tales.

I never thought about my kids in that way before. I spend a lot of energy trying to recognize and pounce on teachable moments.  I don’t always let them have fun, just for fun’s sake. Something for me to look at more closely. Maybe I need to invest some time into deciphering my kids’ “had enough, gone fishin'” sensors.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Its amazing how her littke mind recognized that she just needed a simple “fun” break.

    I love it! =)


  2. Very good point. Go Maddie!


  3. Bless her little heart. Isn’t that just sweet?


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