Random Thoughts

Sometimes I just come up with stuff that I want to share but really, is everything worth its own post?

You know your toddler is having a good summer when the bottoms of her flip flops are cleaner than the tops.

A good mantra to practice: “I am the parent, I am the parent, I am the parent”

Perfect new baby gift: a membership to a health club or athletic center that provides free childcare. Its the only time mom will get to shower privately. Sometimes I go just to shower and have a protein shake. Is it wrong?

Household and hygiene tip: While the dishwasher is running the rinse or dry cycle, carefully open and lean down to get a clean fork. I like to call it the dishwasher facial.

Parenting tip: right after you’ve cut your hand on a can lid trying to force it off the can because the can opener is a piece of junk, is NOT the time to explain to your children how to dial 911 on the cell phone in case mommy needs help and can’t use the phone. However, explaining to the kids that its important to quickly eat their breakfast in case mommy has to go to the doctor does eliminate some malingering in the morning.

Household tip: if your can opener does not make a clean cut around the ENTIRE top and the lid cannot be removed, do not try to force it with your fingers. Accept that you have lost and move on. Serve something else.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Good tips. I’ll have to keep those in mind. I love random posts. They keep up the “realness” and all that. Most of our days are made up of random moments anyways.


  2. Holding my side – cracking up – family looking at me very perplexed…who cares! This is great!!! Great!


  3. Joni – You always make me laugh! I hope to meet you when my family and I come down to visit the Hodges. Hopefully that will be before the end of this year! Our son is starting kindergarten this fall, so we can’t just take off any random Friday we want to and head to Chicago.

    Have a GREAT day and thanks for the good laugh.


  4. So how’s the “I am the parent” thing workin for ya? I still haven’t gotten that one to stick! 😉


  5. Ok, I’m flooded with memories here….LOL It’s like clash of the Titans now when our boys get together as they are grown, but many precious memories!!!! Blessings!


  6. Thanks for all of those tips.


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