Parenting tip…

It is good to teach your children the importance of triage. Always give the most urgent information at the beginning of the conversation. For example…

“Mom, mom, mom,”(thump, thump, thump on my head this morning), “is it time to wake up yet?”

“No JD, go back to bed”

whine, whine, whine “but I want to get up”

“No, its too early. Go back to bed!”

“Pleeeeease can we get up?”

“NO JD! Stop asking. I said no.”

“But Annaliese is throwing uuuuuup.” whine, whine, whine

“Annaliese is throwing up?!” I jump out of bed, push the 4 yr old aside, hurdle the dog. Arriving in Annaliese’s room to see…yick. There it is. The classic bed throw up. Must be time to clean the house again.

“Thanks for waking me up JD. That was the right thing to do.”

Yippee!!! TV day!!!!

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  1. Posted by mylifewithmymonster on August 21, 2007 at 9:38 am

    I am so thankful my son is not a pukey kid. He has only thrown up twice in 3 years. Once when he had pneumonia and then we were out for Chinese food. We had ate our dinner and were sitting there talking and our son was standing on the seat between us and just threw up. ALL OVER ME! Then he was fine. I know it wasn’t the food cause everyone else was fine. And he wasn’t sick any more. I do almost the same thing. I turn on cartoons and give him breaky and go back to bed. 6 am is TOO early!


  2. uuuuuuu…that’s gross! Red puke…the worst! I don’t mind seeing puke…but smelling it…not so much!

    Have a fun day there girl!


  3. I have to confess I was the night throw-upper. Haven’t thrown up in years though since moving out of my parent’s house, so there’s hope 🙂


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  5. Don’t ya just love toddler random puking? We were enjoying a nice dinner at Olive Garden a couple weekends ago, and Zoe (2 1/2) apparently didn’t agree with the “chunky” marinara sauce and up it came. Luckily hubby caught most of it with her bib. I was ready to box up and go home. Nothing ruins a dinner like puking.


  6. Ohhhh (insert facial expression that says “Im sorry and yet I totally understand which is all summed up in one word..Ohhhhh) =)

    I have had a sick family for over a week now.


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