Some big deals-for me anyway

No, not bargains. I’ve got a couple things going on that I avoided blogging about just because details were up in the air and I didn’t want to drag it  out.

1. I have Diabetes. Diagnosed earlier this month with “Early Diabetes” by the doctor. Called “Pre-Diabetes” by the Nurse Educator after seeing my blood sugar test numbers. The medical group I use does not like to classify this as a borderline condition so that patients will actually take it seriously. I am not on any medication. It has been managed fairly well with the diet and exercise I was doing before Summer reared its ugly head. Now that school’s in session again, I should get back to that routine. My cholesterol is a little high (228) and the doctor wanted to give me meds for that. I asked if I could have a chance to stop eating fried foods instead of put more meds into me. He agreed. I’ll retest in 3 months.

2. I have a part-time job starting Monday the 27th. Our finances require Doug or I to add a job. I found a good paying gig from 3-7pm which takes me away during nap and gets me home for bedtime. The problem was finding childcare for the 90 minutes between when I leave for work and Doug arrives home. We have managed to cover that into September. Pray that my neighbor will be available in October and beyond. She was willing to help(she runs a daycare already) but has a sick family member out of state. You can pray for healing in that situation too. And of course for Doug who will have to take on dinner prep and homework time. The hardest part of my day. Hey, that worked out pretty nice!


3 responses to this post.

  1. It is a good idea to control Diabetes and Cholestrol without medication, if it is a border line case. Walks help in both these conditions. You are a very brave woman Joni. God bless you.


  2. Posted by madaline on August 26, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    joni – i feel for you & doug – I just finished a summer full of arranging, asking, and praying for good care of our 7 year old Owen. And you know if God didn’t come through for us with amazing results. With God’s provision we were able to receive a full summer’s care for Owen because of friends, neighbors and family — for a lot less that it “should” have cost us… God is so good, and He wants your family to succeed — He will provide one way or another for your family so that you & Doug can make it through. I admire and applaud your courage. A cooperative marriage is being modeled really well for your kids, and that’s an awesome thing.


  3. Posted by madaline on August 26, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    …hit the “submit” button prematurely, wanted to say that I’ll keep your health situation in prayer. And not to jump on the “here’s a piece of advice” bandwagon, but a close friend’s dad was able to lower his cholesterol significantly by taking a shake with ground flaxseed mixed in each day. Maybe that’s worth some google-ing….


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